Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Double Trouble

Last time: Erica's boyfriend didn't want her to go on the show, they went to Cabo, Mimi went home, Amy went bananas on the twins, and the twins went to a hotel for the night.

The rest of the girls talk about how they are done with the twins, who decide to come back to the house and stand their ground.

Elease tries to talk to the twins and tells them that they go around being crazy, and they continue to be deluded.  Elease calls her sister and tells her to be ready to pick her up from the airport, because the girls just want to jump the twins.  Elease's sister says to put some rocks in a sock and go crazy.

The twins go the psychic, who tells one of em they are a kind-hearted person, their health is good, and they are doing good.  All the footage is to the contrary, and the psychic also tells them that they are taking their maternity pills incorrectly.

Everyone sans twins go out to run errands and have fun, talk about Erica's boyfriend coming, but when they come back the twins call a house meeting.  They spew some crap, and Gia tells them they need to have some respect.  Erica tells them they are hated because they woke everyone up at 4AM.  It quickly goes into everyone yelling and quickly breaks up.  The twins decide that they want to fuck up Erica before they get sent home.

 The twins are having delusions that everyone is scared of them, and Erica is excited about her boyfriend coming.  Amy has the bright idea to ask Mimi to come back, so she gives her a call.  Mimi seems happy at home, but she says she'll see.

A few of the girls go out, and the twins want to ditch them because they are bored, and Erica meets her boyfriend at the airport.  She does a girl thing and makes him say that he missed her.  Then they go back to the house and Erica is "Sleepy" so they go to bed.  And make loud noises.

Amy, Elease, Erica and her boyfriend go to the Silver Nugget because they feel like going ghetto bowling.  Chris, Erica's boyfriend, wants to check out the casino and leaves.  Erica is a little embarrassed by his behavior, and the twins jump all over the problems.  Late at night Erica asks if he came to Vegas to break up because he's different.  He pretty much agrees and then wants to go to the airport 10 hours early for his flight.  Erica is upset, and Gia assures her she did nothing wrong.  By the time she drops him off at the airport, she interviews that she's near at peace with it.

Twin calls their dad, and complains about the same things again.  Another twin interviews that they talk crap to people's face, while they write all over everyone's pictures.

Everyone except for the twins call up Mimi again, and she says she has to wrap up things in Miami and then she'll try to come back.

Blue Martini time for the house sans Twins, They stay home and complain stream of conscious style.  Erica is flirting with a girl and making out, and in walks Mimi.  I guess that stuff she had to wrap up was packing her last item.  They come home and Mimi looks down and says "I missed you dirt!"  The twins are upset that Mimi is back.

Mimi and Elease talk, and they decide to jump the twins that night.  They get Erica in on it, and she has the bright idea to pack all their stuff in garbage bags for a quick escape.  The twins notice, and for some reason leave the house.  Amy is the only one who decides to sit back and watch instead of participating in tossing all of the twins food in the pool, as well as all over the floor inside. 

The twins come back, from Chipotle, and think it's only a few things that are gone, then start trashing other stuff.  One of the twins takes the trash from the bathroom, goes into one of the bedrooms, and starts upending it onto a bed.

For those of you paying attention at home, this is where we came in at the beginning of the series.

She tosses the can at Gia, and it's on.  Amy stands out in the hallway as a producer runs by and breaks up the fight soon.  Twin calls dad, who is working, and cries like a little bitch.  They decide to go to a hotel for the night, again.

The next morning ants have come to all the food that's left out.  The twins come back, again, and look like they are packing and leaving.  Security guards came with them, and it looks like the secret service.  They call their dad and get ready to go.  One makes a dumb comment about not forgetting their H&M and Forever21.  When they leave the rest of the girls yell at them from the balcony.  They get their own retrospective.  In the end they still think they are winning.

Everyone parties.  This is it.

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