Monday, March 26, 2012

The Death of a Business in Town Square

I went to see The Hunger Games at Rave in Town Square last weekend, and afterward The Neon Beast and I went searching for dinner.  Finding that Nu and Cadillac Ranch had closed, and a cheap looking Mexican place had replaced the cheesy Lolita's.  With Bar Louie being gone since almost forever, we ended up at the generic Claim Jumper.

Although CJ's is great, I long for the places that had quirky happy hours where you could just sit and talk.  Being at Town Square is like this cute little European village, and I almost feel like I'm not in Vegas anymore.

Town Square only opened in 2007, and the economy has been so bad that there are sad empty spaces everywhere.  Of course these things happen, even Gameworks on the strip closed.  But I also thought that Town Square had become this place where you could plan a whole evening.  Soon all that will be left is the overhyped Blue Martini and Yard House.  Sure, Yard House has great food, but after Blue Martini "took back" their Lifetime Ladies card where you buy one drink and get another one free, I was done with them.  I even refused to go to a friend's birthday party because it was held there.

I just hope they have some great replacements lined up to replace what has closed soon.  Until then, you'll find me at Yogurtland.
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