Friday, March 23, 2012

Bad Girl's Club: Evil Pair

Super Late Edition!  Last week Mimi promised to get back at whomever broke her necklace, and the Twins just want to fight.  This week is Mexico and the Twins get cranky.
Dani is bitching because she knows someone stole her makeup, and she goes after Erica's stuff.  They find their makeup there as Amy looks on.  Downstairs Elease reports this to Erica, who goes upstairs and talks to the other twin, who throws her sister under the bus.

The twins decide to tell Mimi that all of them broke her chain, as in the twins, Gia, and Erica.  Meanwhile Mimi gets out of the shower and yells at everyone because she slipped in the shower on some body wash, which she doesn't use.  Which begs the question, is there some bar of soap in there with her name on it?

Amy goes to hang out with the twins, but makes it clear that she's just going out and not part of the twin's clique.  They go out and do the general party thing, meanwhile Elease goes to write all over their pictures in the house.

Amy and the twins are hanging at the now defunct Nu Sanctuary, when they come home they decide to tell Mimi about the necklace.  They come home and start yelling at everyone to wake up.  Later it's stated they come home at 4am.

They wake up Mimi and tell her about the necklace, and she doesn't believe that Gia and Erica had anything to do with it.  The twins yell and scream some more, and Erica says that it shows how petty they are and she's not speaking to them again.

Mimi calls her mom and tells her that she wishes she was home. 

There is a doorbell ring, and there's a pinata by the door that says they are going to Cabo.  The twins are not excited and go upstairs.  Everyone packs up, but Mimi can't find her passport.  She left it at home, so she can't go to Cabo.  She decides instead she just wants to go home for the rest of the time.  She wishes them well and starts to pack.  Everyone cries as Mimi leaves.  Well, except the twins who stay upstairs.  Mimi gets a retrospective of all the bananas stuff she's done on the show, and it's goodbye Mimi!

The girls arrive to Mexico and the hotel gives them a blueberry margarita right off the bat.  The twins decide to alienate themselves and just go off and have fun with each other.  They get their own room (who pays for that?)

Everyone except the Twins go on a booze cruise around Cabo and party.  The Twins go out that night and a guy compliments them, and they make him feel like crap.  When the girls get back from their booze cruise they bang on the twins door just to torment them.

The next day they go to swim with the dolphins.  The twins decline because the others are doing it, even though one of them really wants to go.  The rest of the girls go, and the dolphins are super cute and now I want to do it.

The twins hang out on the beach, and say it's like a honeymoon with their sisters.  The rest of the girls come back from dolphins and go out drinking.  Erica says it's great to not have the twins around.  The next day they all head home.  Amy notices that the twins are shaking like they walked into the lions den.

In-between commercials, They come back to the house to find a cockroach and have a hellva time killing it.  My DVR goes all wonky, and comes back to Amy starts going off on the twins.  The twins go to the producers and do little crybaby act on them, which they don't even fall for.  He even says to them "So you've gotten a taste of your own medicine and you don't like it?"  Regardless, they put them up in a hotel for the night.

Next week; the twins come back and everyone still hates them.
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