Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Sister Act

Last time on BGC: Elease is drama, and Lake Havasu Lockout, and Mimi goes nuts.

The morning brings a tiff between the twins and Erica.  Erica wants to do a quick shopping trip, and the twins want to make a day of it.  Amy thinks trouble is starting.

Elease calls her sister who is visiting soon, while Mimi and Gia talk about needing their own space.  Erica comes back and talks with Elease about where her sister is going to sleep.  One of the twins interviews that she's going to be prepared.

They go to Firefly and the twins try to start trouble with Elease verbally, but it doesn't go anywhere.  The twins talk about wanting to go try to fight Elease and her sister, but they kinda know they are going to get their asses beat.  They try and talk a lot of crap though.

Elease picks up her sister from the airport.  Her sister is named Shneail, so I'm just calling her S to keep it simple.  Elease catches her sister up on the crazy of the twins.  One of the twins calls her dad, and Dad is awesome about telling her to just be decent.

Erica knows that Elease is going to start something now that she has her sister here, and can't wait for the drama to start.

Gabi makes a funky hand gesture that stands for awkward turtle, and says it stands for trying to get out of a situation.  One of the twins makes a big thing about Elease and S looking at the pictures and tries to stir up the other girls, to no avail.

Everyone except Erica goes to a "white party" where they don't wear white, one of the twins states it's because it makes her look fat.  Some cranky lady berates them for not wearing white, but I say why let them in if it's that big a deal?

Back home Erica is on the phone with her mom complaining about the twins, while back at a club the rest of the girl's pour some booze out for all of the fallen of the season, such as Jenna, Amy's inflatable palm tree, and basically everything of Elease's.

Ah, they are at Crown.  The twins keep their eye on Elease and S, and they run into Flo Rida.  Amy is not impressed, but the rest of the girls are cool with him.  Heading back home in the limo Mimi is acting strange, and shows her lady business to the camera back home.  She falls asleep, and Gia and Amy think it would be funny to throw open her curtain that is there in place of her door.  She wakes up and goes straight to angry.  Amy starts yelling back.  It fizzles fast.

Elease calls DK, Pleasure P's manager. Flo Rida's in the mix too, so she invites them over for a BBQ.  I'm guessing there will be no food however.  They bring a party bus full of groupies with them, and a cake fight ensues, with people jumping in the pool and rapping and drinking.  they show everyone around, and Gia shows off her pole dancing skills.  Elease tells Pleasure P about the house, and how she and her sister are here to beat the twins asses.

Erica decides to hold a house meeting to go over everything and hopefully stop a fight.  The twins are scared and don't want a "house meeting."  One of the twins backtracks for what she said, and nothing comes of any of it.

Mimi, the twins, Elease and S go to Stoney's, because they like paying covers apparently.  The twins cap on the a local bar.  Mimi is sick of the twins complaining about everything.  Back in the limo there is a bunch of shit talking about the girls not there.  The twins think someone is leaving soon, and throw Erica and Gia under the bus.

Hunger Games commercial.  I'm super excited.

S is leaving, and she's a little sad that nothing exciting happened.  The twins say that everything is boring, and go back to Atomic City to get tattoo.  The twins start complaining about what they are going to get, and Erica, Amy, and Gia bounce to Burger King to grab a snack, which pisses the twins off.  I'm not sure because the editing was off on this, but I think the second twin punked out and didn't get the tattoo.

Back home Elease calls up Pleasure P, aka Markus.  He says to get dressed because he's taking her out on a date.  He knocks on the door like a gentleman, although wearing sunglasses after dark.  The twins don't think Pleasure P is cute.  Elease and PP go to the Sugar Factory at Paris.  The date goes super well, and they leave to shop in the gift shop.  PP decides to buy gift baskets for the entire BSG house. 

Elease and PP head back to the house and bring a few friends back.  One of the twins gives PP a hard time but think he's great now, but Mimi doesn't feel like it, and thinks he's fake for bringing gifts.  PP and Elease make out in the confessional, then go into the bedroom and start a pillow fight with Amy.

 After PP leaves, the twins talk about how boring everything is.  Mimi thinks that the twins are going down soon, they have the targets on their backs.  The twins just want to fight anyone.

Next time; The girls head to Cabo, but don't escape the twins drama.  They even talk to the producers!

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