Monday, March 12, 2012

Winco Foods; Finally here! @WincoFoods

You guys, Winco Foods opened last week, and it's so exciting! You must go!

Hold on, you don't know what Winco is?  Oh man, you are so in for a treat!  Winco stands for "Winning Company."  It's employee owned, so no one hates their job there, which means you don't have to deal with jerks.  Huzzah!

When you walk into this not so ordinary grocery store, you are immediately hit with a wall of savings.  Seriously.  All the stuff that is on super-sale is front and center, so that if you need something, it's right there!  There is even a little cooler for all the cold stuff on sale!

From there you hit an amazing produce section, then the bulk section!  This is my second favorite section, because everything is there, from cereal to dog food to candy, for crazy cheap.  Because it's bulk!

The seafood and meat counters are fresh and delicious as well, and they will usually have some palates with more deals there!  Usually they will give out samples of things, and instead of toothpicks they use pretzels, which is a fantastic bonus!

My very favorite place in the store is the bakery.  Most of the birthday cakes of my childhood came from here, and they are fantastic sheet cakes.  They also have super cheap and super yummy bagels and pastries that you must try out!

If it's not obvious, I really love this store.  The only drawback is they don't accept credit cards, so bring your debit or cash, and enjoy the savings!  I'll see you there!
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