Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Invasion of the Scavengers

Last time: It was the twins versus everyone else, but they think the tables will turn back their way this episode.

Gia is telling Erica that Matt is coming over with a few friends.  She thinks they will be in a relationship, but not exclusive.
One of the twins is on the phone with their dad telling him about Elease, and dad tells them that they ganged up on her for no reason and that's why they are on the outs with everyone else.  Twin is confused because dad is supposed to be on her side.  She hangs up on him.

Matt heads over with a whole shit-ton of guys.  Amy scopes out the guys while Erica looks nicer than I've ever seen her.  Gia and Matt do a confessional and the girls offer the other guys pizza.  Erica is mad because these guys don't have money, obviously.  Elease is being nice to everyone regardless, which rubs twin the wrong way.

Elease tells the guys about her first night in the house, and it gets awkward super fast.  Twins are angry that she thinks it's funny.  Twins tell Erica about it, and she's not happy about her telling strangers about their business.  Gia keeps sober and kisses Matt goodbye.

Amy wants to streaking, and Mimi is up for it, so they streak the backyard.  Mimi seems excited about it, but the twins aren't having it, they think she should be naked.  The next morning they find a float in the pool that says they are going to Lake Havasu.

In the car Mimi says she's excited but not, because she doesn't want drama.  Amy is more concerned about naming her inflatable palm tree.

Musical montage gets them the 3 hours to the Lake and go to The Turtle Grill where they serve drinks in buckets.  Classy.  Mimi and Elease drink a drink together and the girls think it's weird.  The booze hits Mimi early and she's not looking good.  They get to their hotel and they are all staying in one room.  Gia and the twins share a big bed and leave the rest of the girls to figure it out.

Amy poops out, so everyone else goes out dancing.  Mimi and Elease go ahead and make nice with the locals, much to the chagrin of everyone else.  They go back to the room where Erica complains loudly about the low quality of men and how everyone is slumming, and gets back with the twins to make drama.

The next day they go out on their own houseboat and spend the day out.  Gia is wearing her "just nipple covering" swimsuit.  They play "never have I ever" and a fair amount have made a sex tape.  The search is on!

They slide off the boat and into a guy with with a speed boat and inner tubes, so they go tubing off the side of the speedboat. They run into more guys and continue to party.  Elease is "in her zone" but the twins and Erica act like they are above it all, and get angry when the other girls invite people on their boat.

With boat time over, they go back to their room and Mimi talks about how awesome she is about music to Elease.  Mimi prays that they find hot guys and they go party at BJs.  Erica gets upset that Mimi, Amy, and Elease are having fun with the common folk.  Gia, Erica, and the twins decide to strand the others at the bar for funsies.  When they get back to the hotel they pop Amy's palm tree and dominate.

Amy gets mad that they are stranded, but Mimi is more angry and starts to pop a blood vessel yelling.  Elease is also mad, and they get angrier in the car back to the hotel room.  When they get back no one lets them in, and shuts the lights off.  Mimi starts banging at the door screaming.  Amy finally gets the front desk to let them in, and words are flying.  Mimi starts messing up the hotel room, which is not okay, but then lays down and starts crying.  Erica plays dumb about why everyone is angry.

They check out and head back to Vegas, and the twins decide that Mimi is now the weak link and needs to be messed with.  Gia and a twin go through Mimi's stuff and breaks her giant "Mars" necklace while talking shit.  They put it back like it broke in the bag and decide to act like they had nothing to do with it.

Mimi feels like she can only trust Elease and talks to a friend about it, who says to form an alliance with Elease.  Mimi finds the necklace and knows someone has broken it, and promises to return the favor when she finds out who it is.

Erica tells Mimi that all she's going to say is that she just didn't do it.

Next Week: Elease brings her sister, and the twins are scared.
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