Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Bed, Bathing Suit and Beyond

Last week; the twins went crazy, and everyone stayed away from them.

We open with the girls describing their drunk personalities to Elease.  The convo moves onto them going to get tattoos, and Erica and Gia go out to get Elease a mattress because they feel bad she has to sleep on the hard bed.

The twins are not happy about the new mattress and yell at Erica about it, and Amy is so happy that the heat is off her.  Elease makes a big deal about how awesome it is that she has a bed.

The twins decide to take long to get ready and mess with the mattress when the other girls leave.  They throw eggs and salad dressing and anything else from the fridge onto the mattress and leave it by the pool.  At the tattoo parlor, Erica and Gia feel like the twins are up to something.  They stroll in super late, talk about going to do a bikini contest, and then grab Amy and leave.

In the car Amy asks if the mattress is in the pool.  They say "nope!" and take much joy in telling her exactly what they did.  Amy's response?  "You guys are so fucking dead."

When they get home the first person to notice is D, who yells "Whoa!  Where the fuck is the mattress???"  There is a cute hand written note from the twins that says "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.  Go find your mattress bitch."  Elease thinks Amy had something to do with it, but she says not at all.  Amy has first finders guilt and tells them where to find it.  Someone says "They wasted all that good food?" and I laughed.

Erica feels like this is it for their bond, and the tables are officially turned.  It's everyone against the twins, and everyone but Amy goes out to Crown.  At Crown Gia meets Matt, the DJ.  He gives her a shout out and they make a date the next day for him to come over.  Amy and Gia decide to drink first, and Amy has a cute prayer about them drinking safely.

Amy and Gia get drunk and start horsing around and Gia throws up all over the floor.  Matt arrives with some Grey Goose, and within minutes Gia is naked riding poor Matt.  Eventually Matt puts her to bed and tries to leave.  She follows him downstairs and starts to attack him, slapping and knocking things over.  All this with her boob out and hilariously censored.  The girls get Matt out of the house and apologize to him and he leaves.

The girls get angry with Amy because she didn't watch how much Gia drank, which is stupid, which Amy also says.  The mess is left until morning, and Gia feels stupid in the morning, but says if he can put up with her that drunk he's a keeper.

Everyone but Amy and the twins go to Hennessey's and try and convince Elease to compete against the twins and win.  She agrees, they go to the shop next door and get a swimsuit for her.  Meanwhile Amy feels like everyone is against her, and goes out with the twins to Fremont to a bar that has a mechanical bull.  Amy goes first, then Gabi, who states she's riding the donkey.  Please, finish high school after this.  Amy is just glad they are getting out of their shells and having fun.

Erica sees that there are a stray pair of panties and throws them over the balcony, almost hitting D.  Amy losing her shit when she sees that they are hers and yells at them.  To be fair, she must feel a little ganged up on.

The inbetween commercials clip is the twins talking about their mom's flat butt.  O-kay.

Back from commercial!  Amy is still screaming about people touching her stuff.  She goes outside to cry, and I actually feel bad for her.  One of the twins (what, I'm not going to bother telling them apart, okay?) goes out to console her, and it's sad that's all she has on her team.

In the morning she complains to Erica, who has zero sympathy for her.  She tells her to suck it up and goes to get ready.  Gia calls Matt to apologize for her crazy behavior, and he's okay with her being a crazy bitch.  She says next time she meets him she won't be drinking.  We'll see.

Elease exercises outside and the twins get ready to go and one of them thinks she's too fat.  D says she's into eating contest, but she won't be doing a bikini contest.  They all get ready and go to Beauty Bar to enter the contest.

Gia is up first, and shakes her ass right away.  Amy says this reconfirms that she's a stripper.  I'm just shocked her boobs are staying in that top.

Elease is up next, and her body is sick.  Amy gives it her all, and Dani gets all strange with it, showing off her ass crack.  It comes down to Amy, Elease, and one of the twins.  Elease is excited that she squashed Dani's dreams.

Everyone is excited for the fight, naturally.  They pile into the limo and head over to UNLV.  They sit in the VIP section, and the head ring girl comes to dress up Elease.  They cheer for her, but the twins think that Erica is a born flip-flopper and she'll be back on their team soon.

Next week; Lake Havasu trip!  And D goes bonkers!
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