Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bad Girl's Club: A New Elease on Life

Last time: Elease came into a house that didn't want her, but decided to stay anyway.  Because she loves the dramas.

They open with the usual Strip Shots, with a soundtrack that makes it sound like everything is happy and great.  Elease yells good morning and that she's still here.

Amy is on the phone with her off again, on again boyfriend.  He asks if she is behaving, and they tussle a bit about it.  They are currently off again, so she's single and not going to do anything.

Elease goes shopping with the other BGC at some place called R+D, and make it seem like it's at TI.  E thinks that this other girl is a big mamma bear for her.  E decides to kill them with kindness.

Back at the house Erica, Gabi and Gia dump dressing in E's suitcase for more drama.  E gets home to the door open this time.  She doesn't react in front of the girls, but loses her shit in the confessional.  Erica realizes that she's not getting a rise out of Elease, and decides she's pretty much done messing with her.

The twins have a strange conversation about nipple size.  It's awkward.  Later the twins write on the computer desk, and it comes to touching and yelling, but Gia stays out of it, drinking wine in front of an open fridge.  An all out brawl begins with everyone.  Elease gets on the phone with a friend, who tells her that it'll get old fast.

Erica complains that she hasn't even had breakfast yet and they are already fighting.  She goes to Elease and they kinda kiss and make up.  D joins in, but is still cautious about her.

The house is going out to Downtown, but Elease hangs back because she's throwing up from drinking a few drinks during the day.  They go to Insert Coins and Amy hits on a guy that works there.  His name is A.J. and he looks like he's about 16 years old.

They go home and the twins overhear Gia and Erica talking about how they don't want to pick on Elease anymore.  They share words as A.J. comes over and makes out with Amy for awhile.  She speaks with her boyfriend the next morning, and he's a little upset.

The house decides to go to Indoor Skydiving, and seriously, I've been to that place and it is so much freaking fun.  A few of the girls end up sitting it out, but trust me, they are going to regret it so much.  I need to do a separate blog post about that.

Erica and Elease go for a ride in the Jeep to talk, and Gabi calls her father to complain that she kicked Elease's ass twice and she still won't leave.  Gia goes to talk to Elease, and Elease thinks she's winning over the house, and she just needs to deal with the "SpongeBob Twins."  Gia thinks that maybe the twins need to go.

The in-between commercials thing is Amy raving about wanting an ice cream sandwich. Amy talks with Gia about her boyfriend Jake, and gives him a call.  He asks if she's only strayed once, and she lies and says yes.

The house goes out to Capos.  Erica says "Please don't let us have drama tonight, not while I'm having my pasta."  In the car on the way there the twins have a fight with Erica.  They attack Gia as well, and they walk into Capos fighting, and a fight breaks out.  Producers are on camera breaking them up fast, and D walks out of the place yelling that she can't take this anymore, and screams that she wants to go home.

The twins eventually come into the restaurant.  The tension is high through dinner, Erica just wants pasta, and Amy gets drunk.  They drive home and the twins are ready to fight while Elease is saying bring it.  The tables have turned to the point where it's basically everyone against the twins.

Gabi walks into the house and calls her dad, but it's 2 in the morning over there, so he says to call back in the morning.  The twins decide not to fight, and stay upstairs.  Erica predicts that the twins will get their asses handed to them by Elease.

Next week, Elease is a sloppy drunk, and the twins ruin Elease's new mattress.
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