Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Guys Burgers and Fries...and Peanuts!

Allergies suck.  They suck even more when people make too big a deal out of them.  I read once that not a single child in Africa is allergic to peanuts.  Sometimes I want to say "screw that peanut allergy, pass me the nuts!"

Five Guys is so with me on that.

You walk into their In & Out Burger/50's style dinner, the white and red decor casting a bright light, and they yell your entrance.  I don't personally like that kind of attention, but it is sort of flattering.  Your order gets screamed to the staff, and the staff screams back.  It's loud, I'll grant you that, but if you are in the mood for that, it's hilarious and not grating.

The Coke machine is the latest and greatest of all the Coke machines.  It gives you practically any flavor of Coke product you could ever want.  I haven't had Mr. Pibb in the longest time, but I had it with vanilla and cherries and it was awesome.  It almost makes up for the fact that they don't sell milkshakes.


I got the grilled cheese, which was excellent, and I could've added all the toppings I wanted for no extra charge, which is pretty awesome.  The regular burgers are actually doubles, and the regular fries will easily feed 2 people, so be careful. But go eat, because it's delicious!

Eat all the peanuts you like as well!  They are everywhere!
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