Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bad Girl's Club: Sink or Swim

Previously: Jenna went crazy, Jenna brought guys back to the house.  Everyone fought like crazy.  Jenna went home.

After spoiler alerting the whole episode, we have credits. 

Amy and D get back to the house and wonder why everyone's shit is everywhere, and they get the 411 on Jenna's exit.  They decide to gang up on whoever they bring in new to the house, like respectable girls.

Jenna calls Amy the next day, and she gives her version of the story.  The girls remaining decide to zipline on Fremont Street.  Amy feels like they are all getting along and having fun.  They go home, get naked, Amy is self conscious, and they go skinny dipping in the pool.

The next morning they are up early to do a photo shoot, and they talk about seeing Amy.  Jenna doesn't want any drama or problems at the photo shoot, and it looks like she's not getting her wish.  Everyone gets catty at lunch, then the photo shoot starts, and the musical montage makes it seem like everything is okay.

Jenna says goodbye after the photo shoot, and because she had a bit of an attitude, they decide to "walk her out" and snark at her on the way out.  Erica says she'll miss her breath, but she bets she can still smell it from here.

They go to Crown nightclub inside Rio, where I saw Prince perform a view years ago, it was awesome.  Some other bitch from another season of BGC is talking trash onstage to the current cast.  Apparently this girl fell down a lot in her season.  D decides to take the mike and take over, and the past season bitch invites them to a mansion pool party.

They come home to the new girl's picture, and they decide they don't like her face.  They write all over it and decide to start ruining the girls bed.  They disassemble it, and Amy is proud because they are doing something together.  They decide to just do this to every replacement that walks in the door.  That is, if they can get in at all, because they locked the door on the girl.

Amy gets a call from Tiara, the girl from Season 7 inviting her to the pool party again.  The girls are against the pool party.  Until they find out that it's an afterparty from Master P.  They are down for celebrities.  Then they verbally trash the new girl until it's time to leave.

We get the intro to The new girl, 24 from Miami, Elease.  She's drama, and competition.  She's awesome, and has goals, and hopes the house is up to her standards.  She finds a locked door.  There is a note on the door, but we don't get to see what it says.  E finds a side door and yells that she's home and comes upstairs.  She then tries to be nice and intros herself.  They tell her that the pool is her bed.  She goes downstairs and draws all over their pictures.  She then asks what they are all doing tonight, they say that they are going out, she's not invited.  She doesn't take that.

During the commercial break we see the girls shopping at a vintage store and complaining that the clothes are smelly.

We come back and find E smiling like a crazy person.  She follows the girls downstairs and sits down right in the middle.  It's not long before fingers are wagging, and almost fight starts.  She goes with them to the after party, and the limo ride is tense.  D explains that there is only room for 6 of them, that's why she has no place to sleep.  E just says it's a nice cab ride. 

They arrive at the afterparty and come to find that it's a house party, not an afterparty, and the place is no mansion.  E left with the previous season, so the girls get together, get the limo, and take the fuck off.

They get home to find E's bag lying in the driveway.  They open the bag and throw all her stuff into the pool.  E is back at the party getting close with the previous season.  She heads home while the girls sit and wait.

"She had no underwear in there."

Erika: "That's 'cause she's a dirty ho."

She comes home furious that her stuff is in the driveway, she tries the door and they are locked.  She gets in the kitchen door and goes upstairs.  Grabs some random stuff and goes for the pool.  The girls go after her and throw her in the pool.  She gets out and runs back upstairs for more stuff, and the fight starts.  The producers can't stay off camera and they are no match for a 6 on one.

I have to admit, who ever edits this must have so much fun.  They make things look epic.  E takes off in a van, and who knows if she's coming back.  The editors flash back to E not quitting, and so she turns around and goes back.  She decides to stay in the VIP room and fight back.

Next time: More trying to get the new girl out.
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