Friday, February 10, 2012

Massage Envy; a Scam?

 My mom usually gets me a gift card for a massage every year because otherwise I'd never get a massage.  It's always for Massage Envy because she is a member and gets a discount there.  For me, massage is massage, I'll go anywhere.  

This week I went for my yearly massage, calling to make an appointment the day before.  During the phone conversation they were very clear about their 24 hour cancellation policy.  They even took the number to my gift card in case I didn't show up, so they could wipe it out.  I totally understand; don't be flake, it costs them money.  No big deal.

I showed up, a few minutes earlier than I need to, and go through the whole song and dance.  The whole "why has it been a whole year since you've gotten a massage?" and "Wow, you are so tense!  I'm recommending you for 2 massages a month" and all the rest.

I'll say this for Massage Envy; they have nice facilities.  Their massage tables are heated from the bottom, so even though you aren't wearing much, you are never cold, and the air is always comfortably warm.  The one I go to back home actually gives you a water bottle to take home, as you are supposed to drink a lot of water after.  They also give you cucumber/raspberry water before your massage.  Not at this Massage Envy, they just have a basic water cooler, and you can go get it yourself.

They give you the hard sell checking out, and I'm used to it.  They do run a good deal, a little less than $60.00 a month for one free massage, and only around $30.00 for any additional per month.  I can't bring myself to spend that much money on myself every month, nor do I really budget for it, so I kinda just shoot them down.

Then they tell me that my gift card is $10 short.  My mom bought it with her discount, where they assured her that they were putting the full amount, and charging her less.  This is where all the good that massage did me goes right down the tubes.  I'm fairly pissed off.  And it's not because I have to pay an extra $10.00, but because they lied.  They lied to my mother, and they lied to me.  Why would they not check the total of my gift card when I gave it to them over the phone?  If they really meant what they said about taking the money out then, they wouldn't have had enough to cover it.  Not good for them, and eventually bad customer service for me.  Why wouldn't you be selling gift cards good for an entire service instead of a monetary value?  And why would you be pretending differently to each person?  Can you imagine buying your girlfriend a massage for Valentine's Day, and it turns out she has to pay more once she gets there?  Kinda kills the romance.

If I ever did get a membership, it would've been with them.  But now...I don't know.
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