Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Chicks Before Hicks

Last time on BGC; Jenna isn't winning an popularity contests, and everyone has formed cliques.  Before the credits roll, there is new fighting we haven't seen that isn't edited very well.  Impossible to recap.

After the credits Dani calls her dad, and her dad straight up tells her that he and her mother think the twins are not going to make it in the house.  Because that's what good parents do; let their children go on silly reality shows and then not support them.  He thinks they are going to fall together, but this is the first time they've done anything with their life, and they should start some shit, but not enough to get kicked out.  Who is this man?

Gia the formerly naked doesn't want any more drama.  We flash back to Erica losing her shit on Amy for waking her up.  Amy is saying that she she doesn't want any more drama, then deletes a message from Chris, Erica's boyfriend.  Amy says she feels bad for "lowering herself" to Erica's level, but she has to play the game.  Erica calming tells her not to do that again.  Then screams about Jesus.

Clique #1 leaves for Blue Martini, which is Jenna, Amy, and Demitra.   D states how usual she's the popular one back home, and isn't used to being in the middle of things.  Jenna is the wing women, and super proud.  She bags "Julian" for D, and they kiss.  Body Shots ensue. 

Back home the girl's talk shit about who they want to get kicked out of the house.  Jenna and Amy play in the pool while the rest of the girl's try to make D come over to their side by using racism. 

Gia and Erica go out to run some errands, which include driving down the strip, for funsies.  They talk about kicking Jenna and Amy out, and then go to Planet Beach Tanning and make jokes at Jenna's expense.

The girls head out to Contrafest (I have no idea what that is...) and tussle a bit in the limo on the way over.  Turns out they were going to Stoney's and it's, as usual, country.  They thought it was hip hop night, even though earlier they said they were going to pick up cowboys.  Jenna makes nice with some guy and talks about going to the beach, and he says something about "Red Rock...we have everything here."  Yes, nature...hard to find everywhere.

Jenna and Amy takes the guys back to the house with them.  Jenna is trying to give the guys directions or something and holding the limo up, so the girls get ansy, D is wondering what Jenna's problem is, and they leave her to take a taxi with the boys.

Dani is pissed about waiting in the limo, and Amy tries to calm her down to no avail.  For some reason the guys come into the kitchen and start cleaning up.  Holy shit, these girls found decent guys at Stoney's.  I have no idea how they managed to do that.  The girls upstairs are trying to sleep, so they come downstairs and the guys are actually apologetic, but not for long because they continue to have their part downstairs.  Erica comes downstairs and tells them to shut up the men, and all the other girl's seem to follow.  The guys seem to want to GTFO, but Jenna is insisting they stay.  I feel bad for these guys.

Amy says something offensive, but I can't catch it and Jenna is mad.  She turns on Amy, while saying that Amy is turning on her, and goes outside with the guys.  The guys decide they need to get out now, and Jenna is fighting it.  The producers finally get them out, and the girl's continue to fight.  The verbal turns into the physical as we go into break.

There is a hilarious moment in-between commercials where the girls try to kill a cricket, calling it a spider and running away like they don't beat the shit out of each other.

We're back and Jenna goes to a hotel for the night.  In her absense the girl's throw her stuff off the second floor and write on her picture.  Later Amy is in the confessional having a good time all by herself, a little punch drunk. 

Gabi calls her dad and reports on last night's festivities, calling the guys "the two biggest tools you'll ever meet."  I don't think that's fair, but whatevs.  Jenna comes back, picks up her stuff off the floor, all the while the girl's are saying she came back too soon.  Jenna tries to apologize to Amy and D, and they aren't really having it.  Later Jenna starts writing stuff on everyone's picture.

Amy and D go out for pedicures, while back at the house the other girls take a gander at their pictures.  Erica is the most upset, and goes upstairs and brings down Erica's mattress.  How this is going to make things square I don't know, but Gabi helps her and the rest of the girls throw the mattress in the pool.  Jenna says to put it back, they decline, so she goes after their stuff, which starts a verbal, then physical fight.  Jenna makes a confessional while the rest of the girls throw the remainder of Jenna's stuff down to the first floor.  Apparently you know when the real fight is going down because after Jenna throws a ball from the pool table upstairs, everyone starts putting their hair up like they don't want it in their face for the big fight. 

The producers are holding Jenna back, and then the fight escalates to the point where the boom mike guy is holding some of the girls back.  After awhile Jenna packs up her stuff and leaves, of what she thinks is her own accord, but the rest of the girls are thrilled they kicked her out of the house.

Next time; They get a new roommate, who they decided they don't like based on her picture.  Wow.

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