Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bad Girl's Club: Weaving Las Vegas

Last time on BGC: Gia threw up, Jenna hates Gia, and Amy is batshit crazy.  You are all caught up.  Also, they have a hilarious voice over girl that is trying her hardest to sound like her job isn't worthless.

Everyone is asleep until CrazyAmy wakes everyone up.  She's putting last night behind her, and joins Jenna's pool party.  The twins aren't Amy fans.  Twin 1 complains that one of the girl's feet is gross, and the other twin calls her shallow.

Erica with two names is having problems with her aura, and Amy get's "AmyFace" where she looks like she's smelling something, and then someone pulls her weave out of the oven, and everyone gets into a huge fight.  Amy gets pulled out quickly, but she managed to clock D pretty bad, she has a lump minutes after the fight.

Everyone is screaming that they want Amy out, and they decide they need to talk it out and call Amy down.  Jenna is trying to convince Amy to appologize so that she can stay in the house, and she goes downstairs.  D asks why she hit her, and Amy says "As an adult, I can say I don't remember."  They bring up that the fight was minutes ago, and yell at her.  She gets AmyFace and Jenna tries to get everyone to give her a second chance.

The twins don't like that Jenna is standing up for Amy, but they let it go.  Except Amy, who thinks that everyone needs to say they are sorry to her.  Jenna and Amy take off for other fun.  Erica talks about her on again/off again boyfriend back home who doesn't want to be embarrassed.

Jenna and Amy go bathing suit shopping at Vavoom, which I have never heard of before in my life.  It's across from the Hard Rock however, but they said on their website they just moved there, so I'm thinking they came from the "Slutty Clothes" district on Sahara. 

Tonight they decide they are going to a gay club, and go to the obvious Krave nightclub, which is admittedly fun.  The girls get their lesbian on with a girl with nice abs.  The twins are looking down on D because she is hanging with Amy.  They head home with plans for bed, and the next morning brings Gia back to the house, blissfully in an entire dress today.

Erica is glad Gia is back, and Gia says she's sorry for everything but beating Amy up, because Amy started that.  Fair enough.

Later Gia is refusing booze so she can keep her thoughts together.  The twins invite over some boys, one of them named Cash, and they are "country".  Cash is moving to Summerlin, but he can stop by for a few.  Jenna and Amy take another day trip, and in there absence Larry is compromised.  Yes, Larry her stuffed cartoon skunk.  They dunk him in the toilet, while calling Jenna and Amy "basic bitches."  This reeks of Real World Seattle, but I'm gonna let it go.

The girls get ready and talk about how D has willingly forgiven Amy.  They nickname Cash's friend Burgundy because of his shirt color.  They pile into the BGC and go out to Lindo Michoacan for food where they tell the waiters that Burgundy and Amy are engaged so they will sing and embarrass them.

They decide how funny would it be to marry them back at the house, 5th grade style.  Or, "Vegas Style" as the girl's call it.  Amy decides to call her on again/off again boyfriend to tell her she's going to fake a wedding.  He doesn't approve, and says he'll call her back and hangs up.  Amy dresses up like a showgirl and they get fake-married, and Amy gets a lap dance.  That night the girl's form alliances and drift off to sleep.

The next day they decide that night to go to a strip club, but Erica decides she is not going, and in the end only D, Amy, and Jenna go out, and the other girl's stay home and talk trash.  Crazy Horse III is the destination again, and I suddenly wonder if they have some sort of partnership.  The girl's back home go through Jenna's stuff and cut up her clip-a-weave. 

The girl's come back from the strip club and wake up the other girl's, and so a verbal fight ensues.  This time it's Erica who loses her shit and starts throwing around pool cues onto the pool table.  Jenna says that she is sorry, but they don't take the apology, and go upstairs to bitch and the twins show again how brilliant they are by messing up the 10 commandments, the Bill of Rights, and where the bathroom is located.

Next time: They go to Stoneys, and Jenna is the one that starts trouble.
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