Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Girl's Club Las Vegas-Let the Recaps Begin!

I've decided to recap Bad Girl's Club, because it takes place in Vegas.  I've never actually seen BGC before, so I'm a little confused when it opens with girls walking into the house that looks like it's already been "lived in" as items are thrown all over the place.

A girl starts in on throwing stuff all over the place, and other women are just sitting around watching her, while another girl walks down the hall with a small trash can full of trash.  She walks into a room and starts "decorating" one of the beds with the trash.  Then she tosses the empty trash can at another girl's head.  A fight, naturally, ensues.

Girls come in to join the fight from the kitchen, and when it finally calms down one asks "Are we done?  Because I have Chipotle and I'd kinda like to eat it."  That's officially my favorite girl in the house now.

Credits.  What the hell just happened, really?  I feel like I missed the first episode or something.

We are introduced to Gabi from Mass, 23 years old and still living at home and is a giant daddy's girl.  She has a bad girl's club 'tude down pat, as does Dani, her twin who is apparently going as well.  Tag team?  Their parents wish Vegas luck, and not their kids.  They are happy they are gone.

Three days later in Vegas we meet Erica from Atlanta.  She likes to throw fits and has red hair, and other than that, same 'tude as the twins.  I'm just going to go with all these girl's all have the same personalities until they show me something different.

Erica is the first one to the house, which looks like a typical Real World style house, lots of silly Vegas kitsch things all over.  Erica has some sort of nickname for herself that sounds like Venetia, I have no idea.  They have a pool and hot tub, of course.

We meet Amy, who feels like she's a nice girl unless you fuck with her.  Amy and "Venetia" Erica seem to get along just fine, but the ominomous music tells otherwise.

Gia arrives next, the only girl who is 1 year younger than the 23 everyone else is, and she walks into the house with a bathing suit on.  Amy feels they shouldn't have escorts in the house, and the fake ass bitchery commences!  Erica feels like she can't trust Gia because she's short, and short people are sneaky.  This is the first I'm hearing of this stereotype.

The twins roll into town and Gabi points out the non-existent "Reno Casino" and thought it would be bigger.   Dani tells her that Reno is a state.  So I guess it's a pretty safe bet that none of these girl's graduated high school.

We meet Jenna, 24 from Long Island and loves to party, and she likes to make people have fun, and she's a sex addict.  Demitra, 25 from Miami seems to be waiting outside a defunt casino waiting for a ride, and she jumps in with Jenna.  It's their first time to Vegas, and Jenna wants to get married by a few dead celebrities, and they like each other.  It's about now I wonder if there is any point, or if they just live with each other.

The twins arrive to the house, and everyone is a fake ass bitch to each other, but Amy is ready for a fight.  Demitra and the twins get along, Dani and the girls try to find the word bidet, but Jenna totally went to college and knows that it's the water that shoots up your ass, duh.

General party/screw around the house happens, Gia falls out of her top some more, and they get ready to go party.  Sitting around the table, Amy asks who is going home, and everyone says no one is going home.  In the limo Amy tries to lay down some house rules, everyone is too drunk to listen at all.  They end up at Crazy Horse III, a strange place to go for the first time in Vegas, but whatevs.

Gia pukes in the VIP, and some of it hits Amy.  Naturally shit hits the fan, and for some reason Amy wants Gia to clean it off her as well as pay her for the jeans.  Gia gets all bent out of shape, and they all get in the limo and start screaming at each other.  Amy is acting like getting puked on isn't something that is going to happen when you go to a club.  Once I got burned with a cigarette and got glass in my shoe in the same night, and I didn't react like this.

Amy has herself a little breakdown, refuses to switch rooms, and then wakes up Gabi to ask if everything is okay.  She's woken Gabi up, and I'm with Gabi on this, you don't want to wake a girl up like that with a potential hangover.  Amy keeps yelling that she wants to make up, but then throws Gabi off the bed that she's standing on.  They slow-mo her to the thud to the floor.  Jenna just wants a pool party in the morning.  I'm with Jenna.

Gia is on the phone with her friend, and she finally loses it and goes after Amy, spitting as she goes.  Demitra is defacing Amy's picture on the wall, for funsies I guess, and Amy comes up and sucker pushes her.  Demitra gets up and goes after her with a vengeance, and a producer gets in-between them, but he can't stop Gia, or Gabi, pulling Amy's hair until all three of them go down to the floor.  Jenna and Gia start fighting because Jenna is trying to calm her down.  The twins call their dad to tell them he should be happy that they are his kids.

Gia and Jenna are still fighting after the break, and all I want is for Gia to put on real clothes.  Apparently they are removing Gia, but Amy is still grinning with Larry, her small skunk, on her bed.  She gloats about Gia getting kicked out.

This season on Bad Girl's Club; more fighting and hair pulling.  Huzzah.
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