Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Importance of Polka Dots

My watch is almost part of my personality.  It's a black strap of leather, but has animated polka dots on the face.  The black strap represents the part of me that is dark and twisty, but the moving polka dots represent how much I do love silly things.  I've been complimented on it many times, everyone loves it. Sometimes I forget that I care what time it is and just look at the dots moving, it makes me happy.

Last week my beautiful personality speaking watch died on me.  Today I took it to the Fossil outlet store off of Charleston where I bought it.  They told me they could replace the battery for me, and it would be $10.00.  Any other old watch, and I would've walked out thinking that was a horrendous price.  This time, I said anything for my baby.

While I waited for the resuscitation of my timepiece, I looked into different watchbands, since mine had become worn and frayed and was missing a leather strap.  The employees were very helpful pulling things out for me, telling me what would and wouldn't work with my watch-face.  I didn't find one, but they did manage to save my watch.  I pulled out my wallet to pay the $10.00, but they said no problem, that they would hit me up for it next time.

Good customer service AND free battery?  And here I thought that chivalry was dead.  Huh.

Thanks Fossil!  For making awesome watches AND standing by them.
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