Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter and the Movie Theater Crankies

Earlier this week, like the true Potterhead I am, went to Rave Theaters to see the last installment.  The Neon Beast and I got there a bit later than we should have, so we found a seat and then I decided to chance it and grab some popcorn before heading into the theater.

This homely women was standing impatiently in front of me, dying for the women with 3 kids to hurry up in front of us. The mom in front was getting three drinks and a popcorn, and was dealing with 2 of the kids messing with each other.  Needless to say, she had her hands full.  She kept adding different things to her order, asking for a holder for the drinks.  Homely Lady was watching the transaction like a hawk, and I knew this meant she was about to jump ahead and start ordering up the whole snack bar.

As much as I talk about how important customer service is, It's also just as important to be a good customer.  Everyone, at the end of the day, is still human.  We should be treating each other nicely above all.  Homely Lady doesn't agree, because she starts berating the poor snack attendant to hurry up with her tub of popcorn and hot dog.  She almost doesn't get the hot dog because it's "taking so long" to get.  The snack attendant asked when her movie started, she said basically in 2 minutes, and she really doesn't want to miss the previews because her hot dog took too long. It took all I had not to remark "No, you getting here late and needing a damn hot dog is what's going to make you miss the previews."

I'm especially nice to him, hopefully slightly making up for the fact that she was such a bitch, and stroll into the theater just as the first previews are starting.  About 45 seconds into the first preview Homely Lady hustles in to the theater by herself and sits in the last row in the front.  She snacks away quietly for the whole movie, and I promptly forget about her as I go through the range of emotions on the screen.

The Neon Beast has to go to the bathroom afterward, so we are a bit delayed in leaving the theater.  We go through the side doors and find Homely Lady holding open a door to the outside, and she yells to us to try to get the bird to fly out.  I look on the floor and see the bird in question, who is having a hard time in-between the two sets of doors.  We walk slowly towards it and it eventually flies out.  Homely Lady says thank you and expresses how concerned she was about the bird.  As I saw the look of worry on her face, I couldn't help but hate her.  She felt more for the helpless bird than the human she'd inflicted pain on without question earlier.  He was just a worker trying to help her out, and I had to wonder if he were stuck in-between doors if she'd even notice.
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