Thursday, November 3, 2011

Join Me with #1month1holiday

I had a really good Halloween this year.  The Neon Beast and I were both off, and we caught up on the DVR while handing out candy to kids.  They were so cute this year, not like last year where they were very old teenagers dressed in black complaining about the candy selection.

Because my work schedule has been crazy, I ended up going to bed early and consequently waking up early.  I decided instead of waking up Beast with anything, I left to go shopping.  I stopped by Cost Plus World Market, but they weren't open yet.  I did notice that their window vinyl was up with Thanksgiving stuff.  I thought "Wow, they really got on their game."

So I went to Kohl's instead, and went in to find some clothes, since finding clothes really sucks, and Kohl's seems to be the only place left on earth with decent prices, as well as my size and style.  I was walking around, laughing the fact that they think that ponchos are new fashions, when I heard it.  They were playing...Christmas Music.  On November 1st.

Look, I'm not totally against The Holiday.  It just has a time and a place, and that is December.  Not more than a decade or so ago, people would actually buy their tree on Christmas Eve, and throw it away a few days later.  I remember thinking about what I would be for Halloween as a kid a couple of weeks before Halloween actually happened.  Thanksgiving seems to have disappeared completely.  I understand it's not a very marketable holiday, but seriously, why do we forget about it?

So I think that as a compromise we should institute 1 Month, 1 Holiday.  October 1st, start going nuts with Halloween.  Start brainstorming for costume ideas, think about what candy you are going to buy, get excited.  November 1st, it's Thanksgiving time.  Start feeling good about what you have, decorate, and decide how you are going to make that Turkey.  I'll even let Christmas have more than a month; Black Friday is the start of the Christmas season. 

I understand that consumerism rules all, but I can't take more than 2 months of Christmas music.  It won't help me shop more, it will just drive me out of the stores and to shop online.

And for god sakes, a poncho is not a new fashion item.  What's next, corsets?
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