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Real World Reunion Recap #Real World

Oh, reunion shows.  So silly.  So awesome.  Previously: The whole season.

They get right into it and tackle Adam's insane craziness.  Nany got very heated, and Dustin, of all people, was saying he was being a two-faced asshole.  Adam keeps dishing out the asshatery that he spewed all throughout the show.  Nany says no more bad boys for her, and I honestly think she believes it.  It's kinda awesome to watch this reunion show for me, because I interviewed everyone a month after filming wrapped, and the reunion show is after they've been exposed to the world, and how it's changed them.  So far Adam is still delusional, and Nany seems to be harder, but I think it's for the better in the long run for her.  She went through a lot during filming, maybe more than anyone else.

Leroy gets a recap after the break, and we get to see him back to being a trashman, and learning from the experience.

Then it's back to Adam, and the whole crazy two-faced thing.  He sits there and gets upset that everyone is calling him a fame whore (he even tweeted about it), while he sits there with his t-shirt that he's been hocking for over a month on his website.  Please.

They move onto how bad Cooke came into the show.  She basically said that she didn't realize that the Real World was...real.  Heather says she's egocentric, Naomi curses at her, and there is some bad editing, and they bring up the Dustin/Cooke kiss, Leroy catches some heat.  Heather is upset at Cooke and said she was pouring her heart out to her days earlier, and then she kissed Dustin.  Cooke is trying her very best to backpedal through the whole season to make herself look better, which is more than I can say for Adam.

We get a look at Heather's adjustment back to her old life, and she says she's gotten back to normal, and everyone already knows her and doesn't judge her by the time she spent on the show.  I think Heather looked the best out of anyone, I can't imagine anyone from before saying to her "wow, you sure are different!"

Naomi is in print journalism, back at college.  Nany lives an hour away and they still hang out as much as possible.

Dustin Gay-For-Pay time!  Everyone reacts, Naomi says that he acts like a Southern Gentleman, but no gentleman would do what he did.  Dustin planned on coming out with it, but it took him too long.  Dustin asks if anyone thinks he's homophobic, and Mike takes the bait.  He makes the awesome retort that he insults the gay community, but for years the gay community was paying Dustin's bills.  They go back and forth awesomely.  Heather says it bothered her more that it wasn't brought up until after they had sex.  The host brings up that he lied about it even after he was caught, and Heather brings up that the trust issue isn't there.  Then...THEN, he says he didn't have sex in those videos.  He STILL can't tell the truth.  Mike says that Dustin is a pathological liar, and I'm pretty much agreeing with him right now.

Adam recap: He has a clothing line he hocks.  That's pretty much is it for him.  Yep, have no idea where everyone gets this media whore stuff.

Cooke Recap: She works in a nuclear power plant and dating.  She is in North Carolina being a hick, but has a girlfriend that she does girly things with.

Back to Dustin/Mike.  None of the roommates get why Mike hates Dustin, except for Cooke.  Cooke nails it, its because Dustin is stupid, and stupid people make Mike crazy.  Mike doesn't hold back, and I have to say, it's awesome.  I don't think that they are going to hug this thing out.  I think it's over.

Nany Recap: She's a waitrress, saving up some money so she can leave home.  I hope she moves to Vegas with Naomi soon!

Mike Recap: He's a mad scientist and still at University of Maryland, and he's a Sorority Sweetheart!  Ahhh.

Leroy loves the ladies, and Naomi fell a little bit for him...I guess.  Then they turn it around a bit and say it's Leroy that has feelings for Naomi.  I guess Naomi and Leroy are living together now, so I guess they are a bit of an item!  Ahhh, that's so cute.  For real.  They use the term "wife up" and I feel about 100 years old and not up to those crazy teenager's slang.  Then the convo turns, and I guess they are living together, but aren't together.  They give me a headache.

Dustin Recap: Disc Golf and Motorcycles, and riding the wave!

Leroy and Mike, the bromance!  They even have matching friendship bracelets, it's freaking hilarious.  They have a system for Leroy hooking up with girls even, they are so freaking cute.

Then they show some of the unseen footage, strung together by some Cooke Poetry.  It ends with Leroy on the toilet, and it's so TMI.  Next week will be more of that, so check for that recap.

Naomi said they have no shame, so they aren't worried about next week.  Host Maria says that the drama continues on twitter, with the girls attacking Cooke, and Cooke being attacked by Heather.  Heather isn't pursuing a friendship with Cooke, so she took it to twitter.  I saw that twitter fight, and it wasn't that big a deal.  It was nothing that they didn't talk about over this reunion.

Next week is going to be the Shit they didn't show!

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