Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surprise Ending to the Titanic Exhibit

The Neon Beast and I got comps to see the Titanic exhibit yesterday.  I had actually paid for it while it was at the Tropicana, so I was interested to compare and contrast the differences.  Titanic has always been a passion of mine, before the movie even came out.  In fact, I really became of fan of James Cameron because of his amazing attention to detail in that film.

The Titanic exhibit goes a little bit further than your average museum.  They really take the time to take you through the experience as if you are actually aboard the Titanic.  They set up the whole experience so you hear the horn as you walk up to what looks like the side of the ship, feel the cool air as you stroll along the deck, and hear the music as you admire the recreation of the grand staircase.

Whenever I look at the artifacts in this exhibit, I always think about how well they made things back then.  My favorite artifact is a porcelain jar of toothpaste that they say Titanic might have given out.  It's in perfect condition, even though it's been 2 miles under the sea for almost 100 years.  It's pristine.  If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was from the gift shop.  They made things so well back then, the dishes they pulled out of the ocean look better than the ones that were left in my sink for a week.

The one big change of the exhibit from Tropicana to Luxor has to be "The Big Piece." A portion of the ship has been pulled up, and it's amazingly larger than life.  They show you pictures of where it came from on the ship, and it's amazing to see how small a piece it is compared with the rest of the ship.

It is, as all things are on the strip, completely overpriced.  But if you have a passion for Titanic, and you want to see actual artifacts from the ship, you should go.  When will you ever get the chance again?
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