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Real World Recap: The Finale! So Soon? #RealWorld

Previously; Mike is a yes man, the cast gets an chance to make a charity, Mike tells Dustin he won't be allowed in schools for his gay-for-pay past, a fight ensues, and Dustin wonders who is going to do Mike's hair.  Is he sure he isn't gay?

Naomi is asking Mike to marry her, and she wants to have a big wedding.  Mike says Naomi is only doing it to cross something off her bucket list.  Naomi asks if Mike has crossed off anything on his bucket list since he's been in Vegas.  After a long pause, he says no.  HA!

Naomi says out of all the guys, Mike is the one who is going to run a company someday, so she wants to marry him.  Naomi states her case, and Mike says he'll think about it.

In a car, Mike Leroy and Nany talk about how crazy it is that they became friends.  Mike decides he'll have a fake wedding with Naomi.  Turns out they are going to a radio station to say they are raising money with Down & Derby at HRH.  BTW, this is the ONLY Down & Derby that I couldn't attend, and I'm still kicking myself, I love love love Down & Derby.  If you have one in your town, go, it is so awesome.

After a cram session, they get in the empty jacuzzi and paint themselves blue with the leftover paint from decorating guitars and what appears to be the tops of drums.  My percussion teacher from high school will hate me because I can't remember the names of the tops of the drums.  Dustin comes in, and of course freaks out because it's 11pm, and they need to be up at 5, and Naomi and Cooke are totally blue.  He totally overreacts about this, and in fact, it STILL bothered him because he brought it up in my interview with him about a month after filming completed.  I'm sure he was somewhere last night watching and STILL getting mad about it.  Heather is a bit worried about their success rate tomorrow morning.

The next morning they go to channel 5's morning show all jazzed up in 70's roller derby attire.  Dustin says that it went really well, we see shots of the show.  After some banter about the wedding, they get ready and go to the Down and Derby.  It looks painfully empty at first, but it fills up, and Heather interviews that it turns out well, and Dustin interviews that he wanted to keep the guitar.  Even Naomi says to get over it.

The next morning everyone is saying they only have 72 hours left in the suite.  Leroy gets/receives a call from a friend saying their mutual friend was killed by the police.  Nany sees him crying and Heather soon follows, and he tells them his friend was just killed, and it's totally heartbreaking.  Leroy is far too young to lose a friend, and I really feel for him.

Mike asks Leroy to go for a walk, which I think turns out to be good for him, because he calms down and gets into the angry portion of grief.  He gets worked up again quickly, upset that he never got to say goodbye.  The cast has changed the screensaver on the computer to "We Love You Leroy."  And he leaves to go back home, interviewing that he's grateful for his roommates.

At a meal, Mike makes Naomi stand up, and presents her with a ring pop and a proposal.  It's the cutest freaking thing ever.  Mike breaks his promise to NOT go to a strip club, and goes for his bachelor party, where Mike has a seemingly horrible time.  He's in the bathroom feeling "slightly awkward and very drunk." Dustin talks him out of the bathroom, and they do a cute little retrospective of the Dustin/Mike Love/Hate relationship.  I think they are giving it up because its only a few days left.  Mike looks awful at the strip club though, SUPER uncomfortable.

Naomi is busy writing her vows as Nany does her hair.  Naomi tells Nany not to make her look like Medusa for her own wedding.  More retrospective on the Nany/Naomi relationship, and I don't think they even scratched the surface on the air of how awesome their relationship is.  Mike makes Naomi sign a pre-nup on binder paper, and they are on their way.

Leroy makes it, and they go...maybe rent a dress and tux?  I'm not sure where they are, but I hope they aren't buying dresses and tuxes for a fake wedding.  The way they talked about their finances in the interview I had with them, I'm guessing they are rentals.  That's a solid business for Las Vegas.

The wedding!  Naomi and Mike exchange hilarious vows.  The pastor guy is so not amused, but it's hilarious for all of us because we've gotten to know these people.  Naomi knocks on Leroy's door, because it's her wedding night and she has to have sex with someone, and Leroy says he's gonna help out Mike and tear Naomi up.  LoL.

Holy freaking crap Mike is getting a tattoo!!!  Leroy holds his hand, and I still can't believe that Mike is getting a tatoo.  We get a retrospective on the Leroy and Mike relationship, and it's beautiful.

Dustin, because he can't let anything go, went and got the guitar from Down & Derby, getting them to donate 2 guitars for the guy so he can put it in a glass case at HRH.  And when he puts it in I realize how many times I've walked past it without even really seeing it.  Because it's just another guitar.  In a case with a bazillion other guitars.  But hey, if it means that much to you.  I wonder how many people are getting their pictures taken next to it today.

Cooke interviews how they worked out their differences, and Nany retrospectives on her own journey, with her old boyfriend and Adam, and she burns his pictures.  Naomi, Nany, and Heather sit on the bed and bemoan their ultimate ending of the journey.

The cast mates decide to pull out their beds and sleep on the bowling alley, and Heather and Dustin have their "I'm gonna miss you" time.  I think we covered that pretty well throughout the season, so we don't get much of a retrospective.  Maybe later.

Naomi interviews how awesome Mike is, and Dustin of course, focuses on himself.  He said it made him become more of a man.  We retrospective on Dustin's journey, and he's glad he's no longer hiding behind a secret.

They all leave together, Dustin has to say goodbye to his guitar, and everyone gets to have their sweet parting words.

I think I'm going to do my own retrospective of the cast in the coming weeks, from the person who I met to the person who was portrayed on the screen. Stay Tuned :-)
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