Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm a huge fan of "So You Think You Can Dance."  It's the kind of reality show that you really enjoy while it's going on, but the second it's over you forget all about it.  I can't even tell you the names of anyone except for a couple of judges and the host.  Just because it's not memorable doesn't mean it's not enjoyable, and when it's on I really do become enthralled with it.

Last week was Vegas week on "So You Think You Can Dance."  At first I was convinced that they did Vegas Week just because it seemed flashy and dramatic.  This season, however, I feel like maybe they do Vegas Week for a whole other reason; to test the dancers.

Anyone who lives here has already gotten used to the zero percent humidity that plagues the city.  We keep bottles of water everywhere, and most people's houses look like we live in that movie Signs.  When the summer hits, we laugh at the tourists for not paying attention and passing out all over the place.  And they just chalk it up to being drunk and silly, but we know it's just the environment of living in a desert.

I felt so bad for the dancers on the show, because they came into a competition wanting to do their best, and they have a strenuous job to do all week.  They are used to moisture in the air, and take it for granted.  They don't expect it not to be there, and they don't drink the extra water they need, and they get sick.  I think it's cruel to have a Vegas Week for dancers without giving them a low-down of the atmosphere and advising them on how to deal with it.  And maybe they do, but...a lot don't listen.
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