Thursday, June 23, 2011

Express Jeans--No More.

Jeans from Express fit me perfectly.  I discovered this when I was in high school, and never looked back.  I would wait for the coupons in the mail and buy them, and they were always of really good quality.

In the last few years I've had a thyroid issue, and my size has gone up.  Gone up to the point where they only really have my size on the website, and I'm the sad fat girl if I walk into their store.  Especially in the Town Square location, the employees look at me as if to say maybe I should try Lane Bryant.

And by the way, I'm too small for Lane Bryant, so maybe you should STFU Express employees.

The employees in the Fashion Show location, for the most part, are very nice and helpful.  But, they still don't have my size jeans.  At least they feel bad about it.  They told me to check the website.

So that's where I've bought my last 2 pairs of jeans.  I bought the second pair because the 1st pair had finally worn out.  I went online and bought the last pair in my size.  When I put them on for only the second time, the button popped off onto the floor.  They were the only pair of jeans I fit into at the time.  Granted, I'm starting to lose weight and should fit into some of my old ones soon, the fact is I don't now.

So I e-mailed them, let them know the quality of their product had gone down, because it was falling apart the second time I wore it.  I used to be able to wear Express jeans for 5+ years, now they barely make it through 6 months.  I asked what they were going to do about sending me a defective product.

What I got back was a form email about their return policy, which includes ME paying for shipping back their bad product, and then...when they got around to seeing if they had a replacement, and they didn't; I would get a gift card.  AKA, I would never get my money back.

Did I mention they hardly ever sell my size?

I was completely underwhelmed by the experience.  Why should I have to pay for return shipping on a pair of pants that were obviously defective, only to never see my money again.  They basically want to take me for my money.

Luckily, The Neon Beast is a costume designer.  He sewed the button back on and it's been working nicely ever since.  And it will be the last pair of Express jeans I purchase.  The quality has plummeted, and the customer service is non-existent.
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