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Real World Recap: Vacation From Vegas #RealWorld

Last Time: Dustin and Mike don't get along.  Then they do.  Then they don't.  And Dustin is gay-for-pay. Did I mention Dustin and Mike hate each other?

Mike is talking to HRH Marketing on behalf of the group to bring music back into schools.  Later he calls half of Clark County trying to get it started.  Warwick, the curator of the displays in the HRH, meets with the cast and they talk about the name of the group, and tension starts to build between Mike and Dustin.  Dustin talks out of his ass about ideas, and Mike is hating him.  After the meeting, Mike says that Dustin's gay romp might keep him out of schools.  Hilarious.  It does exactly what Mike secretly wanted it to do, which was piss Dustin off.

In true form, Dustin bitches to Heather about how he is all butt-hurt over it, and not true to form, Mike bitches to Cooke about it.  Cooke just wants everyone to get along and have fun, and Mike says "Well that's not gonna happen."

Mike is on the phone with his friend, and brings up the fact that he needs to just leave Dustin alone and let him make his mistakes.

Nany gets a visit from her P.I. who tells her that he's located her dad, who was married to another women when Nany was born.  She writes him a letter to give to her dad, and he says he'll see her after the weekend is over.

The casts gets a package saying they are going to Cancun, and they go nutso and pack and leave.  They seem pretty excited to be going on a vacation...from their vacation.  They arrive and get decked out in their sponsored SunDrop gear.  They are told they are going scuba diving the next day.  Cue montage of them para sailing and snorkeling.  Naomi can't swim, so she's not really having so much fun.  They find a snake on the beach and take pictures.  They bury Mike and Leroy in the sand together.  Heather and Dustin are strolling on the beach...or, as Dustin likes to call it, "a whole other level."

They all get on a boat and watch the sunset, as Mike notices that Dustin and Heather are back together again.  Nany is preoccupied with thoughts of her dad.  They put Dustin up in a scary para sailing swing.  They go to a club and Cooke hooks up with an Australian.  Nany and Leroy sneak in on Cooke hooking up.  Nany gets her some Vaseline for some random reason.  Everyone comes into the room and congratulates the Australian for going where damn near every other man has gone before.

We skip the whole next day in order to get to them partying in the club that night.  Dustin gets Adam-sized plastered and insults and offends everyone.  Even Heather interviews that Dustin is plowed, and he gets into a fight with the taxi driver.

They finally make it back to their room, where Mike breaks his promise of not calling Dustin on his shit anymore, and...calls him on his shit.  Which of course starts a fight.  Naomi gets inbetween them, but Nany pulls her out, then in a swift motion Dustin blows past the girls and pushs Mikes face.  Twice.  SERIOUSLY PRODUCERS???  What the fuck happened to that unwanted touching rule?  I think they'll just let anything slide for Vegas seasons.  Dustin goes outside, hopefully to cool off.

After the break Dustin comes back in and starts all over.  There is shoving.  A chair with Mike is flipped over.  Nany manages to shove Dustin down and yells at him "Do you want to go home?" At least she knows about the damn rule.  They manage to separate them into different rooms and Mike loses his shit and says that Dustin always hates him no matter what he does.  Dustin gets emotional all over Leroy about how he can't go into a high school because he did porn, and whines about it like Leroy is gonna say he's perfect.  Instead Leroy just says "I know where you are coming from."  Dustin says "If you don't respect me, you must fear me."  I could write a whole other blog post just based on that sentence along.

The next morning Dustin complains to Heather.  Heather tells him that they will probably never be friends.  Dustin asks who's is going to fix Mikes hair.  LoL.

Some of the cast discusses last night's shenanigans, and Leroy says that Mike knew he was pushing the buttons.  I think Mike knows that's what he was doing too.  They all decide to put everything aside and go to the SunDrop party and watch a band that I'm sure I'm supposed to know, but just don't.  Mike feels like everyone is letting Dustin go free last night.  He talks to Cooke about it, she says he was being a dick too, and he walks off.  Leroy tries to tell Mike that he has done some wrong.  Mike interviews that he just doesn't get it.  And gets angry again.

Personal Sidebar; I honestly think that what Mike is truly upset about, is that it's wrong to hold Mike to a higher standard than Dustin.  But, this will always happen to Mike, because out of the two, Mike knows better.  I'm honestly not sure that Dustin will ever be ever to change, but Mike has the ability to.

The cast packs up and gets ready to leave.  On the way to Subway, Mike decides that whatever makes Princess Dustin happy, he'll do it just to keep the peace.  Good call, Mike.  Good Call.

Mike bows out of going to the school in order to avoid Dustin, the rest of the cast heads over and talks to the kids about their charity.  Dustin says he thinks about what Mike said about him everyday, because it makes him feel like a monster.  Monster Princess Dustin.

Nany, Naomi, and Adam Skype, and he says that he's coming out and staying across the street at Rumor.  Heather makes Nany a sign that's a countdown to when she "gets some."

Next Week: Nany gets some...or does she?
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