Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Sugar, the Follow Up

I'm a frequent customer of (It's Sugar) and I've noticed during weekdays when its a little slower, they are a little more laid back, but still very nice. On hectic weekends though, they're loads of fun (if they're not trapped behind the register)! Maybe go in there again and give it one more shot? Surely the cherry sours must be worth it! And now that I'm thinking about them, I want them.
This is an email I received from a reader named Stefani, who has had a different experience than I had at It's Sugar.  I thanked her for her email, and asked if I could use her comment in a follow up blog.  She never wrote me back, so I'm using it anyway! 

If you read my previous blog on the issue, I've constantly had bad service at It's Sugar.  There has been maybe one or two incidents where the people working there have been nice and helpful.  Mostly they just ignore me.  Even when I'm at the front, ready to pay for my candy.

A few days after I wrote the blog, I received an email from Veronica from the Universal Studios store;
I saw your review about the ITSUGAR at Townsquare. I am SOOO sorry that you have been having such bad experiences there. I would love to try and rectify the situation if at all possible, and I was wondering if you could tell me the date/time of when you were there.
After figuring out exactly when I was at the store, I wrote her back, and also explained that the service was all that was really lacking at the store.  I loved literally everything else about it.   It was the last I ever heard from her.

Now, saying she'd like to rectify the situation, and then never getting back to me, or offering me any compensation for the loss of service, is just as bad as the original ignoring at the store.  Now I've been ignored twice.

And as I passed by the store today, on the way into and on the way out of a movie, and saw the two employees behind the counter ignoring customers...I barely missed the cherry sour balls.

I'm on a diet now anyway.
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