Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real World Recap: Adam Visits #RealWorld

Previously; Mike's parents went to jail when he was a kid; Nany is looking for her dad and awaiting Adam's trip to Vegas.

Nany skypes with Adam about his visit.  Leroy says it's awkward because he expected never to see him again.  The P.I. calls Nany and says he'll meet her with results on Friday.  She's excited about it, and drunkenly explains this to Leroy at a bar later.  Leroy is worried that she has too high expectations but hopes for the best. Nany interviews she gets too wrapped up in guys, and she wishes/hopes she could be alone.
Everyone except for Leroy goes over to Rumor to visit Adam.  Nany still feels the connection, and the rest of the castmates leave and Nany and Adam take it to the bedroom.  Later Nany leaves Rumor and goes back to HRH.  Later the P.I. comes by and says that in 2002 Nany's dad died of a heart condition.  However, he did have two kids that want to get to know Nany, which is kind of awesome.  Her heart is obviously broken though.

But there's no time for that now, this is Vegas!  So the whole cast goes to Rain at the Palms, and BIG SURPRISE; Adam gets blacked out drunk, falls all over everyone.  He tries to bribe the driver to pull over at a chapel, and then tries to sneak into HRH.  They shut him down before he even gets into valet.  Nany walks him back to his room, where he tries to get her to stay to almost a scary degree.  She manages to get away, and realizes how Adam really is.

Leroy impersonates Naomi sneaking into his bed, and she's not amused, and says she's not going to have sex with him the rest of the time they are here.  Adam calls Nany and fakes like he doesn't remember anything.  She tries her best to avoid them.

Mike gets on the phone with his mom who has had breast cancer and is coming to see him this weekend.  He's a little nervous, he tells Leroy and Nany about how his mom got high and wrote bad checks, and made him pee in medicine bottles.  Crazypants.

Mike wants to go to Hoover Dam, Leroy wants to go to OG.  LoL.  I guess the time is winding down because they are wandering outside of a club.  Mike sits it out to greet his mom, but knows more about the Hoover Dam than anyone who actually went.
Mike's mom is scary looking, and orders my favorite drink to calm her stomach at Mr. Lucky's.  I can see how hard it would be for Mike to see her like this, to love her and have her disappear.  Nany projects her own hurt onto Mike and wants him to have a relationship with his mom.

The phone rings, and it's Adam.  Leroy drops the phone and calls for Nany, she feints sleep.  Kenny from their time at the motocross comes over and lets them go out and race.  They fake out that Naomi is in the race, and of course Dustin is butt hurt that he isn't winning the race.  Heather knows right away it isn't Naomi, and it's hilarious.

Nany calls her half sister, and finds out that her dad did try to find her, which I'm sure means the world to Nany.  Her sister seems nice, and I hope it's a positive first step for her.

Mike walks the strip with his mom, saying he's going to try with his mom because Nany never got a chance.  Mike's mom loves the Bellagio fountains, so at least she has good taste.  Mike plays slots with his mom, sighting it as the only quality time they've spent together.  That's Vegas, bringing families together.
Adam calls again and complains to Dustin about Nany.  Adam thinks it's okay that he got drunk because he didn't break anything (and how do you know if you blacked out Adam?!?!).  He says he's going to call back in an hour, and Naomi answers this time.  Nany takes the call and proceeds to let Adam shit all over her, only it seems like she doesn't care.  He says that at least he needs his hoodie back, so she walks over to give it to him.  She lays it out on the line that he hasn’t changed.  Adam acts like everything is okay.  Nany stays strong and walks out, and I’m glad she’s getting over him fast.

Mike says goodbye to his mom as Nany says hello to her half sister and visits her father’s grave with her.
Next week is the last episode, where the girls get blue, literally, and they pack up to leave.  Naomi apparently wants a fake wedding as well.

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