Monday, May 16, 2011

Driving Tips for Tourists and Locals

Every time I pull my car out of my garage, I almost get into an accident.  I used to be a cautious driver back home, and would always let people in when they flipped on their turn signal light.  Here it's a totally different story.  You drive nice, you drive dead.

I've had certain things happen that are out of this world, along with the usual tomfoolery that goes along with Vegas traffic.  I've noticed that over the years my attitude about driving has changed a lot.  Someone said to me recently that they "love" blocking other people in who are trying to get in front of them.  I realized suddenly that I enjoyed that as well.  That made me feel awful to think about how I enjoy making other people crazy on the road.

We should be getting along on the road, seeing as how we are all yielding tons of steel that could kill people.  But instead we swerve in and out of traffic, don't let people in, and find victory in other's defeat.  We don't know if the other person is late for something, but I find that most of my passive aggressive action comes out when I'm actually not needing to be on time.

My question is why?  Why do we all feel the need to screw everyone on the road over?  Why do we have to drive like everyday on the streets is Nascar?  It's like we are all driving like stereotypical taxi cab drivers.  Where does it really get us in life?  Does it really make your day if you are mean to someone in traffic?

I guess if it really does, that means you are in the right town.
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