Monday, May 16, 2011

Real World Recap: Heather Finds Out #RealWorld

Previously; Cooke is the new roommate, wants Dustin, who is a gay-for-pay porn star.  Cooke and Dustin make out after Leroy encourages it.

Dustin and Cooke play pool while Heather notices a sexual connection between the two.  Dustin and Leroy visit Subway and talk about the previous night.  Leroy thinks Cooke is about to get her ass kicked.

The cast all goes to visit Jet at Mirage for a change of scenery.  Nany gets the scoop that Cooke and Dustin "kissed in the cab," and Nany tells her that as long as she didn't let it get far and that was it, Nany won't say a word about it.  Sadly for Nany, Heather grabs her and asks what just happened, and Nany isn't going to flat out lie for Cooke, so she tips over like a pitcher of milk and spills it all.  Cooke is mad she said anything, and Heather is furious that something like that happened, and she says she's lost all respect for Cooke, who didn't deserve any in the first place, but whatevs.

Meanwhile, Mike is trying to get laid with a girl named Kara.  Her friend is intent on cockblocking, so Mike gives them a choice.  They choose to leave, and Mike is a little drunk-angry.  He's sexually frustrated, and I just wish I had a friend for him.

Heather storms into Cooke and Dustin's room and lays it all on the line.  I have to take a moment here to say that Heather is the most mature person in all of Real World History.  She doesn't play games, she is up front and lays it on the line, and doesn't pretend like she doesn't have feelings.  She's freaking perfect and I wish she would move to Vegas and be my BFF.  Dustin keeps asking if Heather is upset, while she's yelling.  Dustin, you are just the king of all observation, aren't ya?  Heather finally tells him to shut up, and I just want to cheer.

After the break Dustin tries to apologize to Heather.  Badly.  Basically blames her for his feelings.  She makes the point that he lied, yet again, and she's "over it."  Sadly, it doesn't look like it actually sunk in.

The girls sans Cooke leave the suite and get ice cream.  "She's the kind of girl that sleeps around and then watches the Disney channel."  I don't know what that means, but I love it.

Mike and Leroy go out for drinks at the circle bar at HRH.  Leroy pushes Mike to go intro himself to a girl at the bar, Denise.  He introduces himself as James, and Leroy notes it's time to "be someone else" and not Mike.  Mike lies like a huge rug, including talking about killing people.  Then the girl notices how his eyes are a pretty color, "like a kitty cat."  And with that, Mike is Donezo.

Pink Taco time with Cooke, Mike, and Leroy.  Leroy calls Cooke a dirtbag.  Cooke basically says that she doesn't care about anyone in the house, and Mike says based on what she's saying, he doesn't blame the girls at all for freezing her out.

The cast goes to a homeless shelter for the HRH intership and feed the kids.  From the tablecloth and the turkey I'm assuming it's around Thanksgiving.  Nany and Naomi connect with the kids, and it's a really sweet moment.  It leads Nany to tell Leroy about how her father was locked up before she was even born.  It's obviously a big part of who she is, and I hope she finds him one day.

Cooke takes out a notebook and walks around the house before summoning Heather.  She apologizes for her actions and makes it sound like she wasn't after Dustin at all.  Heather gives credit where credit is due, it's hard to say you are sorry.  Heather interviews that she'll never be back to a great point with Cooke, but she'll let it go.

The gang visits Stoney's, a horrible country bar that charges a cover AND charges for riding the bull.  Mike meets an actual nice girl and she gets his phone number, and I'm hoping it works out.  Dustin gets a slow mo voice over about how he's confused that Heather is flirting but no longer giving him any.

Mike is talking on the phone with nice girl "Ally" about Zombie survival plans and how hard it is to pronounce "peculiarities" and make plans for dinner!  Naomi is a proud parent, and so am I.

The gang goes to the top of the Stratosphere to ride all the rides.  Nany interviews that Heather is on an emotional roller coaster right now, she likes Dustin but it's hard.

Nany calls a P.I. and gets him started on finding her dad.  She says it could be the best thing or the most disappointing thing, but at least she's doing it.

Mike and Dustin seem to have made up because Dustin gives Mike the shirt off his back for his date.  Everyone gets together to make Mike look good, and it's the freaking cutest thing ever.  Dustin even takes Mike and Ally's picture before they go out to...Hash House A Go-Go.  They talk about a random band and it seems to be going really well.  He gets a kiss in the HRH parking lot, and I squeel like a girl over the excitement of it.

Dustin approaches Heather and flirts, Leroy sees and breaks it up.  Heather gets a little more drunk, and drags Dustin into her bed.  Nany says she's not a mother, and I'm with her.  There's only so much you can do.

Naomi and Heather go across the street to "Get Nailed" and talk about the relationship, while Nany talks on the phone with her mom about finding her dad.  Nany's mom sort of breaks her heart with the knowledge that he's been out for years, and if he wanted to find her, he would've.  Nany is upset, but she wants to know the truth so she can sleep at night.

Ally calls Mike to hang out, and Leroy thinks that it's Mike's lucky night.  Leroy wants to go get wine and lights candles.  Ally comes over with some other people and they play pool for a bit, and she leaves without dropping her drawers, but Mike is okay with it.

Nany meets with her P.I. for information.  He warns her of bad outcomes, and she knows the risks and wants to move forward.  Is there an echo in here?

Heather and Dustin sit down again and talk about their feelings.  They know there is no right answer, but they are unsure of how to proceed.  Heather makes the point that it's impossible to stay away from each other.

Next Week; Cancun, and it looks like the Mike and Dustin lovefest is over!
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