Monday, May 9, 2011

Damn Touristy Friends

It's rough living in a tourist town sometimes.  I suppose it's a little like being famous sometimes; you never know if your friends really like you for who you are, or if they are just looking for free bottle service at the newest club.

It seems as though there are 3 different types of people that come and visit you in Vegas.  The first kind is the kind that just doesn't.  They come into Vegas, tweet it up about what fun their having, and then blow out of town without even calling you or wanting to get together.

These, I personally feel, are the worst kind.  They are the kind that I pretty much write off after this happens.  Even if you don't end up getting together at all, at the very least say you are going to be in town.  I don't blow into your town without at least a "I'm headed into X town, let me know if anyone wants to meet up" FB post.  It's just rude and uncaring.

The second kind want you to be their personal comp machine.  They think because you live in Vegas you open your mouth and bottle services just falls right out of it, at the hottest club, and also no wait in line outside the club.  Now that I'm no longer working directly on the strip, I see these are actually hard to come by and almost always an outrageous request.  They also want to stay at your house and eat all your food (my last visitor being the only exception to this rule, as she was with her family and having them here was actually an awesome treat) and also want you  to stay up at all hours club hopping with them, as if that's all you do for a job in this town.  Sorry, not all of us are club promoters.

The last kind is usually the best kind; the ones who let you know ahead of time they are coming, and would like to share a meal with you when they are in town.  You set up  a time, you meet, you catch up, and then you both go your separate ways.  Maybe walk a little on the strip together after the meal, wherever the time takes you.  That is the best kind of visit. 

I don't want you to think all locals are jerks though.  We like it when you come visit, for the most part.  And we'll answer any insider questions you like.  But if you ask us advise, then don't even call us for a visit...friendship over in my book.
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