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Real World Recap: Adios Drama Llama Adam #RealWorld

We open on the aftermath of last week, blood and broken glass everywhere.  Adam is drinking water, but still has a bit of a glassy look to his eyes.  Nany interviews that she's sad that Adam "has" to go through this.  Adam yells about missing a shoe, and he's still breaking stuff.  Mike just laughs because he doesn't know what else to do.

Leroy is pissed about the night before, and Adam asks if they can leave for work so he can sleep.  They go to The Joint and set up for the Fetish and Fantasy Ball.  Adam finds a quiet corner and yells for Heather to make sure not to leave him there.  They argue, and he falls asleep. 

Mike is excited because there will be slutty women at the ball, and Sasha Sweet shows up.  She's a porn star apparently.  She's in a separate room where they are setting up, and somehow Dustin gets the porn star to come over to their table to get Mike to feel her breast.  He does it twice for good measure, and interviews that he's never felt a fake boob before.

The cast goes to Mr. Lucky's and they try and talk to Adam about his behavior from the night before.  Meanwhile, up in the suite, Security comes in and takes a lot of pictures of the damage made to the suite.  Leroy says he wants Adam to go home, straight up.  The rest of the cast decides that if something like this happens again, he's kicked out.  Leroy does not like that answer, he wants Adam out now.  He gets so angry he leaves the table.  He gets on the phone with his friend and talks about the issue.

BTW, they have an awesome establishing shot of it raining on the Strip, and I'm pretty sure it's fake, because it's never rained that hard here.  At least that's what it feels like.

The cast gets ready for the ball in all their wild clothes.  The girls are just general slutty outfits, and Leroy is the bottom half of a fireman, which is hilarious.  After a while at the ball, they move the party to Vanity, where the owner takes Adam aside and tells him he is banned from the club.  He goes back up to the room while the rest of the cast parties.  When they come home Adam whines about it to Nany, and Leroy is still pissed.  So pissed in fact, that he decides to make a point.  His point is Adam is acting crazy, so he'll just act like Adam.  Glassware is broken, and I swear the rest of the season is going to be everyone drinking out of paper cups.  He calls Nany out, to basically show her what she's letting slide with Adam.  She doesn't take kindly to it, and blabs that she heard him talking about her in the confessional.  Uhhh, you understand what the confessional is for?

Later Leroy actually cleans up his mess.  Mike and Leroy have some confessional time that ends in some laughter, but the music is still dark, so we know something must be up.  The "up" is the security manager kicking Adam out of the hotel.  He takes it in stride and calmly calls his friends in town and says he'll be an extra 20 minutes.  Leroy is more than happy that Adam is going home.  Nany, of course, is upset.  Mostly because his mack is still on.

As I watch her teary eyed interview, I know this is what is best for her, because he is a conniving creep to her.  Adam says goodbye, sort of saying that he'll be back and it's fine.  He asks security if this is a lifetime ban, and they tell him it's just for a year.  Fast forward to now, where I interviewed him inside the suite, and just after that he tweeted that he was allowed back in Vanity, he just couldn't drink.

Way to stick to your guns Hard Rock.  I really respect you now.

Nany and Leroy have a heart to heart and have it out.  It ends with a play by Leroy which is hilarious.  I almost wish that Nany liked him, at least he's up front about his boyhood play.  The roommates go back to Vanity, because they are so broken up about Adam's departure.  Oh wait.  Nany is getting teary eyed and basically getting "graduation goggles" (Shout out to anyone who both watches this show and HIMYM)

Mike goes all out and tries to hit on a girl.  MikeFail.  I love the kid, but the Vegas girl just chews him up and spits him out.  And BTW, Mike, I totally want to read that book Super Freakenomics.  Man if I wasn't already married :-)

Later Nany calls Adam over at Caesars Palace, and he asks her out on a date.  Nany wants to "tell him how she really feels" which I think is longhand for nookie.  Totally Graduation Goggles.  Later Housekeeping comes to disinfect the suite, and Leroy is happy about the rest of the cast and doesn't want a new roommate.  Nany gets ready and says she's going over to have dinner with Adam and then they are going to Rumor.  And I've been a bad Las Vegan, because I don't even know where Rumor is.  (oh, literally across the street from HRH) Adam says he's wants to stay, and at this point I just don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.  Nany, of course, all but says she loves him.

Mike starts a game to get phone numbers, and he really goes whole hog at Vanity.  He dances with girls on top of a table, and for some reason a pink sharpie comes out of the woodwork and gets a number just above his naughty bits.  He seems to have some pink sharpie on the back of his neck too, so I guess he won the game.  Later at the suite Leroy says "You come here bein' Mike, don't leave being RoyLee" and it's awesome how these two are shaping up to be friends.

Nany and Adam seem to be heating up, but we don't get a money shot.  In the morning Adam takes off, and the rest of the guys hang at Subway and talk about how it's better that Adam is gone for Nany.  Dustin calls Nany a dumb ho, and I think that's a little uncalled for.  Dustin seems to really want to be a gentleman, but he just doesn't make it with language like that.  He's a little overbearing, and I'm starting to see now why I wasn't that big a fan when I met him but couldn't put my finger on why.

Nany says she doesn't want a new roommate.  They discuss whether or not the new roommate might be gay.  Dustin and Leroy show some extreme homophobia.  Heather, of course, says she could never hook up with a guy who's been with another guy, and Dustin sort of blinks, but other than that, no foreshadowing whatsoever.

Dustin is down at Vanity hooking up, and Mike is upstairs getting creative.  He makes a bed fort in the living room, and calls it "sexiled island"  He manages to get Leroy's lady into his fort, and they fake sex noises that turn into monkey noises. 

The Front Desk calls up to the suite and says someone by the last name of "Cooke" is coming up in an hour.  Mike hopes it's a cute Jewish girl, Leroy wants it to be a girl too.  The girls want it to be a guy, and Adam calls and Dustin tells him about the new roommate.  They all clean furiously for the arrival.

Next Week, Heather Cooke, it's a girl!  And she looks like Trouble!!!  Naomi gets in her face like crazy, and it looks like mucho drama is back in the house!!!
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