Monday, April 18, 2011

Fact Checking...Why bother?

There was a fire on Sunday.  A great big plume of smoke came from Henderson, and for a good long while, no one knew where it was, especially the fire department.  The cloud of smoke got bigger and bigger, and I finally took to twitter to see what was going on.  Twitter then lead me to this article.

Go ahead, go read it, come back.  It won't take you long.

Back?  Okay, lets recap.  The fire was in a swamp area.  Because apparently we are located right next to Orlando now.  I hate to break it to ya, but we are in a desert.  Swamp areas in deserts?  Little scarce.  Someone in the comments said that the "swamp" was actually a water treatment plant and the water is "treated and released."  So, that's what's causing the swampland?  We are over there treating water and not re-using it, but instead just letting it back out into the wild like a rehabilitated animal.  The commenter goes on to say that the water "eventually gets to Lake Mead."  Oooooooookay.  So, there's a river?  Or does this water have special teleportation skills?

Also, be careful, because this water seems to be highly flammable. The brush just catches on fire every year in April!  Every year!  This comes straight from the mouth of Tim Szymanski, public education/information officer for Las Vegas Fire & Medical.  It's like Brigadoon out there, only the flammable water and brush is a little confused and comes every single April as opposed to every 100 years.

But don't worry, they'll have it out in no time.  I'm sure crews will be ready April 1st, awaiting the next swamp fire.
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