Thursday, April 7, 2011

Real World Recap: Adam's Drunken Hissy Fit #RealWorld

Nany and Adam make out in Adam's bed, and then Adam takes a shower and talks to his friend Miles on the phone while Nany and Naomi talk about how things are complicated, but Nany seems happy even though she's getting played by Adam hard.

Vanity nightclub; Leroy and Naomi take home a date to the room.  They start bowling and Leroy thinks Naomi's date looks like Frankenstein, and they both go to bed with their dates.  Naomi's date gets kicked out in the morning by everyone, and she says he was "wack."

Nany calls Sean, the nightclub busboy from last week, and they make a date to meet, but she brings Heather and Naomi to Pink Taco to make things awkward for Sean I guess, but then he says other people are coming.  Even though he's just a busboy he picks up the tab for everyone.

Adam is all butt-hurt about Sean, even though HE stills has a boyfriend.  Heather and Dustin talk in the bathroom about it, Dustin thinks Adam will go into a huge drunk rant and someone will get physically hurt.  Later on Adam and Mike discuss, and Mike eloquently says "I think it's just a case of the player being played."  Have I mentioned how much I like Mike?

Adam asks Nany if they are cuddling tonight, and ask about switching up the rooms where they sleep.  Then at Vanity nightclub Adam is hard core hitting on Tina, a girl that seriously look like a Tranny (as the cast was joking about on Twitter) and Mike has to kick out.  Tina doesn't seem to leave though, just be hanging out out in the living room.  Leroy escorts her out, and Adam gets into bed with Nany, and after some talk he reveals that Tina was his girl he brought home.  Nany gets pissed and gets back into her own bed.  Adam tells Mike that "everyone" hates him again (I guess now Nany is everyone) and that he's going to get her back.  Mike doesn't doubt it.

Nany feels a little played about the night before and talks about it with Leroy and Mike.  Adam calls his "girlfriend" and says he's unhappy with her going out, and says that if she goes to that party then they are done.  He is manipulating this girl and she's so stupid. 

The cast is meeting their boss Phil to see what the project is for the next week.  Fetish and Fantasy ball is their assignment, which is actually a big thing in Vegas, but it's just a big orgy. 

Adam is talking to Mike and Leroy about how his player role isn't working, and he says he's will to fuck her over like crazy.  Mike says the relationship is a ticking time bomb and it's only a matter of time before it blows up.

The cast is at the circle bar, and Leroy is trying to hook up.  He brings home Britney, someone who looks like she belongs on LV Jailhouse and not The Real World.  They hook up, he escorts her out, and Naomi gets into his bed and they compare notes.  Leroy knows he has a good deal in Naomi.

Adam and Nany have a chat, and Nany said it was the dishonesty that upset her and not that he wants to hook up with other people.  He tells her what she wants to hear just to get away with it.  Nany talks to Naomi and says she doesn't believe his apology, and she thinks he's just an act.  I'm glad she finally sees what he's doing.

The cast goes to search for outfits for the Fetish and Fantasy ball, and funny costumes happen.  Adam's friends come to visit for the weekend, and of course they go to Vanity.  While there Nany runs into Sean and they start hanging out.  Then Sean drops the bomb that he has a girlfriend and he doesn't want to lie.  Adam is excited because his competition is eliminated.  Nany is upset, she feels like an idiot for sort of throwing herself at him.  She's crying at the club, and Leroy gets a little upset and says that she should fuck Sean, fuck Adam, and do you (Nany).  I feel bad for Nany, because some girls just attract these guys.  Nany gets over it and starts making out with Adam on the dance floor.

The guys get angry, Dustin talks to Heather about it, and Heather saves her from herself.  Adam knows he's lost, and gets blazing drunk.  The blank stare starts, Dustin observes this, then security sees it and tells them to get him out of there.  They try and get him back to the suite, he starts spitting on a display, then goes up the the suite and starts breaking everything.  It takes three of the guys to get him into bed and settled down.

The girls head back to the suite and Nany says she stills wants to sleep with Adam.  She gets back, they ask her to take care of him, and she refuses.  He goes apeshit, and she tries to take over and tells him to lie down, and he breaks the glass on a frame behind her and it crashes to the floor.  She's obviously still very drunk because she hardly reacts, and the guys come back in and try to get him off her.  Dustin comes in and yells "You're bleeding bro?  What is going on?" and Nany again screams about how this isn't her problem. 

There is more back and forth, and Dustin tries to get Nany away from Adam, and Nany gets angry with him.  Dustin says he doesn't want her to see this.  She needs to stay away.  She drunkenly agrees, but then goes over to the bathroom where they are trying to clean him up.  Dustin gets angry when he sees her and asks her to go.  He says she doesn't need to put herself in this position, and from the bathroom Adam calls her a bitch, and she flips out and tries to go after him.  Dustin picks her up and removes her from the area, holding her.  Nany drops the bomb that she's not afraid because she's been hit before.  This shocks the hell out of everyone, and they tell her that's not going to happen again, and she keeps saying she's not scared.  She's so drunk, and I think this sobered her up enough that she breaks down.  She doesn't want anyone to mention it again, and she's breaking my heart.  I actually felt this about her, this whole trying to save her from the world thing, when I met her.

Later that night she says she doesn't want anything said tomorrow or ever, and Heather is worried about her, and Namoi says she's going to be there for her if she needs her.

Adam isn't looking so hot, and Nany is still crying, and it's a huge mess.  Next week Leroy goes apeshit because everyone is coddling Adam and he doesn't need it.  I don't think that's the most adult way of going about it, but his point is still valid.
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