Monday, April 4, 2011

Holly's World: Season Finale! #HollysWorld

So, if this is/was the entire season of Holly's World, color me unimpressed.  It went nowhere fast.

Holly and Angel's manager comes to pick Angel up to go to an audition for Absinthe, a new cabaret style show at Caesars Palace.  Bad timing on the show's part, since I'm pretty sure Holly and Co. attended the premiere of it this weekend.  Hard to attend when you are onstage.

They are asking Angel to tap dance, and her manager says "You could have your own show, what do you think about that?"  What I think is that the show isn't centered around a mediocre tap dancer.

Back at Planet Ho, a music director is talking to Holly and Josh about Josh's upcoming music video shoot.  Holly says she wants to be one of the "haters" in the video too, with a black wig and pantyhose.  Music Director lays down a Canadian stereotype, and everyone laughs.

Speaking of the Mountie herself, she shows up to Anytime Fitness and jumps on the treadmill next to Laura, who tries to do her best surprised impersonation.  Jayde says she hasn't been able to reach her in forever, and they feign awkward silence.  Laura sort of stands up for Angel and Jayde still isn't sorry, but still leaves.

Angel gets to the "cabaret circus" and auditions.  And sucks.  And then messes up.  And has to take a break.  She gets some rosin on her shoes, and then goes through the whole thing.  She still sucks, but they say it was "nice."

Josh is doing choreography for his music video in a Planet Ho hotel hallway, while Holly and Angel drive Holly's pink car around in the middle of the desert.  Their manager calls Angel and says she got the gig for Absinthe.  They keep switching from Holly back to Angel, and the background  outside the car never matches up.  Holly's driving on the strip, Angel is out in the middle of North Vegas.  Keep it straight people.

Josh tells the girls how excited he is for his music video, then they go out to make it.  They run all around and Laura interviews that people were staring at them and it was awkward.  They end up at LAX, where suddenly Jayde Nicole shows up.  Shocker.  She pretends like nothing is wrong, and Angel flips out in her interview.  Jayde asks to speak to Angel alone, and Jayde comes as close as she can to apologizing.  Angel accepts it, but says she basically still thinks she's a big fat ho-bag.

Josh takes the stage to perform his show, telling the audience that it's for the music video, which segues into footage from the actual music video.  The next morning they all meet at Holly's house for brunch.  Josh comes in and says he found something interesting on his front doorstep this morning; a giant gift basket from Jayde.  The note says many complimentary things, including saying to share it to the girls.

Claire Sinclair comes in and announces that she got Playmate of the Year.  She invites them to her ceremony at the Palms.  Holly interviews how great and amazing the past few months has been.  Angel says Holly firing her was the best thing that could've happened to her.  Laura says the past few months have been stressful, and Josh is happy to have his friends.  Cue the tears as Holly looks towards the future with a VO of "kiss my skinny ass!"

That's all folks!

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