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Real World Recap: Adam finally gets what he wants #RealWorld

Previously, Adam was a loser, Mike and Heather kissed, Dustin got over it, and Heather and Dustin's relationship stopped being polite, and started getting real.

Leroy says a storm is coming between Nany and Adam.  Nany and Adam head down to breakfast at Mr. Lucky's where Adam says it's hard to be himself around Nany because she has a boyfriend, and Nany smacks him down with how it's harder for her.

The cast are going to go-kart racing at Pole Position (every time they name drop I wonder if it's paid for).  Mike begs the guy to give him a suit to go-kart in.  Dustin VO's that the go-karts go up to 50 mph, and he's serious about winning.  Naomi interviews that she rides subways and boys, not cars.

The cast takes off, and the girls wreck on the first lap.  They start over, and Mike interviews that Dustin wants to be the alpha male and win.  There's another wreck, and Dustin loses his shit again.  Adam wins, and Dustin gets second, and he is ticked off.  He is kinda acting like he's five.

Back in the suite everyone is a little drunk, and Nany says the sexual tension is rough with Adam, and she's constantly worried about her boyfriend.

Dustin is re-visiting the Heather issue.  Mike interviews that he's sick of talking about the issue, and Leroy thinks they should just stick to hooking up.

Adam is skyping with his fake girlfriend, and there is talk about how every guy cheats.  Later Mike brings up The Great Gatsby, and Leroy says the last book he read was Goosebumps.  Nany talks on the phone with her boyfriend, then fights with him.  She says there are so many things she could be doing in Vegas, but she can't, and she wonders if she's wasting her youth.

Naomi keeps saying it's her birthday, but Nany confesses to a busboy at the club that she's lying about it.  Leroy macks on Naomi 'cause she's the only girl left who isn't taken.

Leroy sees Heather and Dustin kissing, and it makes him sick.  In the confessional Naomi and Leroy don't approve.  Mike and Adam talk about being enablers during their stay there.

Nany calls her boyfriend, and he says "Who is Sean at Vanity?" She says he's a busboy, and he freaks out on her.  She hangs up on him and holds an emergency meeting, asking everyone who talked to her boyfriend last night.  Dustin says he was drunk but might've talked to him.  She asks if she told him about Sean, and he said he didn't even know who Sean was.  Adam looks quiet and I'm thinking he did it.

Adam asks if she actually gave the guy her email, and she said yes and got defensive.  Adam talks with the guys and deduces that Nany's boyfriend actually had her password, saw the email from Sean, deleted it, and then decided to blame one of the roommates.  Nany calls him back and finds out that this is actually the case, and she's pissed that she's been in a relationship for 6 years with this guy, and the whole time there has been no trust.

Mike says Dustin is the peanut gallery, and he's sick of his immaturity.  Nany and Naomi talk in bed about what she should do about her boyfriend.  Nany says the relationship was flawed and she's still having a hard time letting go.

PBR is in town, and I'm NOT talking about Pabst.  The cast has to wash down the bullriding pen in the back of HRH.  Little kids ride sheep, and Adam wants to ride a bull so bad he could just die.  Dustin all of a sudden needs to also ride a bull, and the other guys interview they are sort of sick of Dustin.

Adam is on the bull, and he lasts a whole 2 seconds and almost gets trampled by a bull.  He loves it and wants to do it again.  Dustin is impressed by the size of the bull, and lasts less than 2 seconds, and got a boo-boo out of it.

Back at the suite Dustin and Mike get into a tiff.  Mike gets heated, and drops the "you obsess about a girl you barely know" bomb.  Too far buddy. Little Too far.

Dustin is complaining to Heather about how the boys are ganging up on him.  Heather tells him he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, and needs to stop acting like it.  Dustin throws a bit of a hissy, and Heather says he never takes anything in, which is true.  Heather still likes his selfish ass anyway.

Ferrano's gets a shout out and that's where Dustin apologizes, and Mike says he doesn't want to banter.  We have to then stop for a Leroy vocab lesson where Mike has to tell him what banter means, and he gets a little pissed that Mike stops using big words.  Bad Mike, Bad! ;-)

Back to Vanity, where Nany is wearing the dress that Heather wore the first episode, and the girls kinda press Nany to hook up with Adam.  They dance, grind, and Nany says she cares about Adam "a lot."

Nany and Adam go back to the suite, and climb into bed together. Nany asks why he fucks dirty girls, and he says because he's lonely.  Leroy tries to hook up with many women on the phone as Naomi climbs into Leroy's bed.  Nany and Adam are messing around in Adam's bed.  Looks like Naomi and Leroy are hooking up.  Mike is in the living room and tells Dustin that this is all going on, and could Dustin please go have sex with Heather so that he can say he sat in the living room while the rest of his roommates had sex?  Dustin says no.

Nany/Adam and Leroy/Naomi agree not to say they hooked up with each other.  Dustin answers the phone and it's Nany's boyfriend.  He said she's being a good girl and not to worry, and she's asleep....while she's hooking up with Adam.

In the morning Nany is upset, she knows she has to end her relationship back home.  Adam is so proud of himself, because he called it last week.  He knew she'd coming crawling into his bed, and she did.  Nany says she didn't come here to break up with her boyfriend over the phone, she came because she was trying to find herself.  Nany calls him up and drops the bomb that she made out with Adam and slept in his bed last night.  She says she needs to go through this experience on her own, and he thanks her with an angry tone, and says he never did anything to her, and said he'd never loved anybody except her, and karma's a bitch.  She cries, but I think a part of it really is relief.  She interviews that her whole world is changing, she goes back to her own bed and cries into commercial.

The cast goes to the final PBR event and watch some high quality bullriding.  Nany is feeling better about her decision, and the girls and the boys eat separately.  The talk about the night before, rehashing, and Mike is a little overexcited about the fact that he's the only one not hooking up.

Next Week: Adam wants to make Nany cry.  Aaaaand I go back to hating her for hurting my Nany.

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