Monday, March 28, 2011

Holly's World: Josh's Mom Revealed! #HollysWorld

We meet Josh's mom, and she explains how she was in a bad place and wanted Josh to have a chance, and that's why she gave him up.  It's very teary, and there is no hate, only love.  Even Angel gets a little upset when she thinks she might've had to give up Roman.

Holly is picking out clothes for a Life and Style magazine shoot.  Jayde gets brought up again through a magazine article, and there a bit more cat fighting, and then she begins her shoot.  There's a lot of candy and bikinis in the articles, and she looks great.

Josh talks about his background.  American Idol, touring with Rent, and then Tarzan.  He says he loves his life, and his real mom is very proud.  She says "I did so good!" and high fives his adoptive mom.  Adoptive Dad comes out to meet birth mom, and birth mom thanks them for raising her son.  Josh feels like he's closed up a hole and feels he can move on.

Commercials for Scream 4, which now I kinda want to see.

Laura is having a steakhouse dinner birthday party, and is talking to Claire about it.  Laura is still not a fan of Claire, and Claire is clueless.  Mary, Hef's assistant, calls Claire and tells her she should come back to the Mansion for the weekend because Hef's son will be there,  she says okay.

Josh goes and meets his sisters and his niece.  Angel interviews that she is proud of Josh for comforting his sisters as they go through the issues.  Holly calls and Josh updates her on all the goings on, and she's happy for him, and Josh does seem excited.  The "coming up" however, tells a different story.

Josh says goodbye to his birth family, and all seems right.  Holly is Skypeing with Jack, tells him about Josh and how she wants to sing in the show.

Josh is talking to his adoptive parents, and Angel excuses herself because she thinks they need time to process.  Josh tells them that it's great that his birth mom appreciated all that they did for him.  Josh says he is more appreciative of his parents now, seeing where he could've ended up.

Josh is back in Holly's dressing room, and he breaks down telling her what happened.  Holly says it's hard to be hit with this whole other family all of a sudden and then have to leave, and she hopes he's up for the challenge.

Kinda want to try this Mio drink thing.  Although it seems a little weird.

Back in Holly's dressing room Josh is still crying.  He's saying that he's so glad his mom didn't decide to have an abortion, because he never would've met Holly, and this wouldn't have all happened without her.  After the tears she tells him about Laura and Claire getting along, and her Life and Style photo shoot.

Next time; Josh's music video; Angel is auditioning the new show Absinthe, and Jayde Nicole is back!  Maybe she finally figured out that Laura wasn't coming back to dinner at Koi.
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