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Real World Recap: Leroy and Adam Dramas #RealWorld

Heather calls her mom to open the show.  She tells her mom about the whole drama that went down with the Truth or Dare kiss from last week.  Heather asks Dustin to do a confessional with her.  They go in and Dustin says the only reason he's upset with HER is that it's a roommate.  He's more mad at Mike.  Heather says she really likes Dustin, and Dustin says they'll be okay, she agrees.

Dustin talks to Mike, and tries to talk it out.  Mike apologizes to Dustin after Dustin says he didn't need one, but then it's suddenly all good.  Adam and Naomi go down to Vanity, Adam says he if doesn't find a hookup in an hour, he's coming home and going to bed.  Back at the suite the rest of the mates talking about how they hope Adam doesn't come home all "cray cray" again.  They all admit they don't know anything about this kid, and they think he's hiding something.

Naomi interviews that Adam keeps taking shots, and soon he gets kicked out for being too drunk.  On the way back to the suite Adam pukes into a giant garbage can.  At the suite he acts drunk and he and Mike start a conversation.  Adam apologizes for eating Mike's B.L.A.T. (wtf is that?) and they get into it a little about Adam goes pretty much insane when he drinks.  Adam is still a little drunk and combative, so Dustin comes in and sort of helps to break it up, says it's over for tonight.

Leroy is talking about his mom, how she is a druggie and showed up to his grandmother's house drunk.  Dustin's mom is bipolar, and Heather's not had a great childhood either, but she feels like it wasn't as bad as everyone else's. 

Phil, head of Marketing for the Hard Rock, talks about their internship.  My boy Mike hands over his resume, which...who brings a resume to the Real World?  He is just so cute.  Leroy gives away his garbageman status.  Phil says their first job is working with Carey Hart (Pink's baby daddy!).  Phil brings up the situation with Adam, and Phil actually says Knock It Off.  Phil, I love you.  Can I come work for you?  I can twitter like the devil, I'm telling you!

Dustin and Adam are talking about how cool Heather is, and how they can't "smoosh" (have sex) because that's playing with fire.

Back at Vanity, the whole cast is out partying.  Adam asks some random girl to babysit him and teach him to dance.  Leroy is pissed because he's drunk again.  He complains back at the suite while Adam stumbles through the casino and to the door.  Adam hears most of it, and Leroy sees him and says "Here he is now."  Adam smashes his beer bottle on the floor.  They get in each others face, and Adam eventually shoves Leroy.  According to Real World rules, Adam should be out.  But the yelling continues, and eventually Adam goes back to his room.  Mike cleans up while Nany tries to talk some sense into Adam, but he has that glazed look on his face and I'm sure he's too far gone to really be understanding the situation.  Regardless he tells Nany he grew up in Juvie.  Then retreats and says he won't talk about this drunk.

Leroy is in confessional, and Adam knocks on the door of confessional and asks to talk, and doesn't seem to take no for an answer.  Leroy opens the door and Adam tries to apologize, and Leroy said no one knows about Adam, and it eventually it leads to Leroy saying "don't consider me a friend" because they know nothing about each other.

Mike and Leroy are cleaning up the room, and Nany and Adam discusses how he got involved with a bad crowd, and there was a drug exchange that went wrong, and someone got shot.  Nany makes excuses for him and says it's okay.  The swept up bottle is still in a neat pile on the floor.  Leroy tells Nany he asked Adam to clean it up and he said "maybe."  Nany says she asked him too, but try and give him a break.

At Mr. Lucky's in HRH, Mike Adam and Dustin are talking about the confrontation.  Adam is done with Leroy and should just leave him alone.  Adam says he's not going to change and that is that.  Mike is upset that Adam has no remorse, and I'm right there with him.  I have to wonder if Adam is seeing this different side of him on the TV and having second thoughts about his attitude.  When I met him, he was pretty much the same; pretty awesome when sober, but I would have no problem shutting him down if he was drunk.

The cast gets split up, and of course Leroy and Adam are in the same group working together.   Adam wants to fight Leroy, and Leroy interviews that you have to work with people you don't like.  During the day Adam admits to being hung over.  He calls his girlfriend later, tells her he had to work with "the black kid" which really pissed me off.  His girlfriend is so sadly clueless.

Dustin and Heather play pool, and Heather interviews that she wants to see where things go with them.  They get in bed and start making out...and we fade into the next day where in the shower Heather admits to Naomi that she and Dustin had sex that night.

Naomi, Adam, and Leroy meet Carey Hart at the event where they are interning.  Naomi complains about how the manual labor is killing her.  She goes off and grabs a drink and hangs out.  Adam dares someone to staple him with a staple gun like a crazy person.  Naomi comes back and says she got lost, and gets yelled at.  It looks like they are in the back lot behind the pool, and that can be a little confusing, but I think she just lied to get out it.  They get a Carey Hart signed helmet out of their hard work.

Mike puts on the helmet and lets Dustin hit him.  Later Mike tells everyone about his past, that both of his parents did drugs.  Adam decides to tell him about his past too. He says he did 3 years.  Mike is shocked, and Leroy is not impressed.  I guess he's still mad.  Mike said his whole perspective has changed of Adam.

Adam tells Leroy that he apologizes that he's gone through a rough time, but he's gonna mess up again.  Leroy wants a better apology.   Everyone comes over, but they tell them they'd be by later and continue to discuss how messed up it is that Adam doesn't want to have consequences for his actions.  He says he has no remorse, and Leroy asks if he expects him to be cool with him after admitting to having no remorse.  Leroy feels like a storm is coming, and he's packing his umbrella.  I'm pretty sure he's right.

Next Week: HookUps Galore!
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