Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holly's World: Fake as the day is long #HollysWorld

If you follow Holly Madison on Twitter, she insists all the time that her life really is this crazy, and that none of it what so ever is staged.

When I replied to her "If it is all un-staged, then why was there a cameraman when Jayde first called Laura to ask her to her photo shoot a few weeks ago?  Of course, I received no response to my inquiry. 

Then there is this (for the non-twitter users, read from the bottom up):

Holly is talking about a show where some random D-List celebrity is trying to start a music career, and she cries as she explains to the choreographer that she "isn't 100 pounds anymore."

If I may; being upset about your weight is far different from someone telling you that you should lose weight and being shocked by that fact.  At least this other girl seems concerned and not flabbergasted.  Also...this isn't an original concept, someone being a dancer in a show and told to lose weight.  It's nearly as old as time itself, this story.  Holly's World is hardly the first time that this has happened on TV, either.

If Holly's World was indeed truly reality, wouldn't she be understanding about that happening to another person instead of judgmental?  And if it was reality, why would Josh be commenting about the "bad acting" coming from the other show, if they were also, in fact, acting.

Then there is this week's episode where the photo shoot just happens to include 3 cast members, without any of them knowing about it.  There is no way that wasn't manipulated by either the show producers, or Holly herself.

I just wish that Holly and her cast mates would come clean that some of the show is scripted.  Mostly because they are doing a horrible job of hiding it.
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