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Hard Rock Beginnings #RealWorldLasVegas

The first recap begins!  If you have missed any of my interviews with the cast, please click here to get all caught up!

The editing is quite a bit different, with flashes much like the "day after" a really wild night.  Like flashes of memories that we haven't experienced yet, with dialogue that reeks of drama yet to starts.

The cast gets the news that they are going to be on the new season, and that they'll be living it up in Las Vegas, Nevauuda.  Note to MTV: That is pronounced so incorrectly, and it drives the natives bonkers.  Please correct for future episodes or I will go mad.

First up is Nany walking through LAS.  She meets up with Adam and they discuss their shared interests.  Nany is attracted to Adam right away, and Adam seems the type to always have his flirt on, unconsciously.  They head out of D gates together.

Mike walks into the Hard Rock and gets the shock of his life with the crazy party pit atmosphere inside.  Shots of everyone else heading in follows, with a small bio from Naomi and Dustin.  Mike is in the suite first, followed by Heather.  Heather picks out the soon to be named "Princess Pad."  Mike says he'll try anything except for going to a strip club.  He's going to live by "the rule of yes."

Leroy: "They have me sharing a penthouse with a 12 year old?"  Love it.  It's hilarious that these guys end up being so close.  Leroy wants to get naked as soon as he sees the naked lady pic near the hot tub.

The relationship question comes up, and Nany is the only one attached, she's been in the relationship for 6 years.  Which means there is going to be a fun phone breakup in our future.  Nany and Adam get to the Hard Rock Suite.  Leroy: "Nany has a boyfriend.  That's like a dagger, straight to the heart."  He's going to be the one-liner king, I can already tell.

They stagger the entrance of Dustin, because in the beginning he was the most controversial.  Heather already is attracted to him.


Dustin says he wants to stay away from Heather, because hooking up with a roommate is a big no no.  Nany talks to her boyfriend on the phone, he postures that he has nothing to worry about and will kick ass when he gets there.  Oh man, that means that there might be an on-camera breakup.  This is going to be awesome!

Heather: "We're gonna rock the Hard Rock hard!"

They go out to eat first, at what looks like Pink Taco.  They play "Never have I ever" and Dustin loses big time.  He's a promiscuous little bugger.  He reveals to the viewing audience that he was on a web cam show called Frat Pad.  It was just a job for him...or so he says.  He's scared of being judged by the other roommates.


They leave the Hard Rock and go to...of all places, Blue Martini.  Home of the bazillions of martinis and horrible service.  They party appropriately, Adam hits on Nany, she looks uncomfortable.  Mike talks to Nany about boundaries, she says she knows not to cross them.  Adam says "I'm serious, I'll marry you right now" to a girl at the club.  If I had a nickel every time that happened...

The guys bring skanks home to the hot tub and the making out commences, leads to most likely some more.  But this ain't Frat Pad, so we only see a PG-13 version.  After skanks leave, drunk Adam harasses Nany.

Nany and Naomi have a heart to heart about her relationship with her boyfriend.  Nany gets a little emotional, but it's a good talk.  Cut to Rehab, but Nany and Adam are eating alone.  He says he "has no game" and is so attracted to her, and gets shy around good-looking girls.  Nany calls shenanigans a little bit, and I'm glad she can see through him a little bit.

Dustin continues to talk about how cute Heather is, but how he needs to stay away.  A little heavy on the spoilers show!  They talk about how they aren't "Bertha" big, which sounds like they are making fun of fat people, but really they are referencing a statue they named Bertha in the main dining room.

Nany talks to her boyfriend about how someone is attracted to her, and he gets angry right off the bat.  The roommates get ready to go out and club.  Mike gets some girls upstairs, but then bores them with bible passages or something.  They hustle over to the hot tub.  Adam makes plans with a girl for a date later.

Dustin and Mike have a morality conversation in the kitchen.  Dustin wants to corrupt him.  Nany complains at lunch about how back and forth Adam is.  Meanwhile, Adam is giving the same song and dance to another girl he's on a date with.

More partying.  It's already getting old.  Dustin wants to hook up with Heather.  Which is already getting old.  Come on Editors, this is ALL you had to work with, really? How many times did you actually interview them about this?  And how long has this been?  Is this their first week?  Their first two days?

Adam says he knows that Nany and her boyfriend will break up while they are in Vegas, and he'll be there to pick up the pieces.

The preview for the season talks pregnancy tests, trashing the suite, and major drama between the guys.
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