Monday, March 14, 2011

Holly's World: Angel's Fallout, Josh's Music Video #HollysWorld

Holly is on webchat with her boyfriend, explaining last weeks fight with Jayde and Angel.  Holly is worried that Angel will get in trouble because "Vegas is a small town." I just snorted a little bit when she said that.

The next morning Angel's manager is over to talk about the fight.  He tells her, again, that it's a small town, and she should watch what she does.  Angel does a flashback to all the Jayde business.  He tells her that Jayde isn't his client, so he can't talk to her about it.  She complains, and he says he has a rep to protect too, and he didn't know if he could represent her anymore.

Serendipity, Jayde and Laura are sharing what must be their yearly ice cream.  Jayde makes up that she's physically hurt, has bruises, etc. 

Josh's agent calls him and blows smoke up his ass about his new single, and says they want to make a music video.  "That's why you're my manager" he says.  Yes, because he thinks of a music video.  He's a freakin' genius.  Josh tells his manager about the PI team he hired to find his parents, and he's feeling confident that they'll find something.

Angel goes to a mixed martial arts place and beats up a bag.  She says she's been in training with this UFC fighter for a few weeks, and it helps with her anger problem.  She said she was in an abusive relationship, and got therapy for it but it still gets to her sometimes.  She refuses to let anyone bully her or her friends.  Ever hear of using your words, Angel Cakes?

Over at Planet Ho, Holly, Josh, and Claire are talking about Brady Bunch episodes, and that leads from superstition to Claire breaking up with Hef's son.  Josh brings up that he wants everyone to be in his music video.  He wants everyone to be in it, but that brings up Laura.  They talk about what the deal is, and Holly said she might need to ask Laura to move out, which is what Laura said to Jayde at Serendipity.

Jayde and her bitches are gabbing about the fight, at Koi I think.  Laura seemed uncomfortable that Jayde keeps talking about the fight.  But not enough to actually....oh wait, she says ONE thing.  "You were being kinda mean to her"  Jayde says she's going to make sure she never models in Las Vegas again.  Laura is beginning to see the light about how much Jayde is a bitch.  Laura excuses herself to go to the bathroom and atempt to emote.

Buca di Beppo-Holly, Angel, and Josh are talking about the music video, and Holly drops the bomb that she invited Laura.  Laura shows up, and it's awkward silence time.  Josh asks where Jayde is, and Laura says she ditched her at Heart Bar.  Everyone kisses and makes up, and gets excited for Josh's music video.

Back at Josh's condo, his phone rings and it's the PI team.  They have a big break in the case, and he should fly out to Charleston as soon as possible.  He said he'd take some personal days and come out.  Josh tells his therapist about the break in the case, while wearing a t-shirt that says "Freak."  Bold choice to wear to a therapy session.  She tells him to go one day at a time and try not to freak out about it.  Holly has been a big support system, so he feels supported.

Next week: Josh gets a phone call from his mother, and Holly's friend Nicole from Utah visits Holly.
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