Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Real World; Adam Loses His Sh*t, and Dustin Too #RealWorld

Credit Sequence!  So excited for it!  After a "Previously," They show the cast partying at Rehab at Hard Rock.  They review the crushes, Heather and Dustin, and Adam/Nany.

Dustin "feels" Heathers emotions.  That's not all he wants to feel either.  Heather thinks they could have something unique and special, as they talk in the suite.

Dustin says Heather is a relationship girl, but he can't get into a relationship here, to Mike.  In the bathroom.

Nany is on the phone with her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.  They fight, of course.

The cast parties at Vanity at HR.  Nany seems to be teary, and Leroy swoops in and says dancing isn't cheating, and she should have a good time.  Later on she dances with Adam, while smoking!  Nany, bad girl! Give that up!  It's gonna ruin your beautiful face!!!!

Later Adam is holding a bottle of Grey Goose, and a Security Guard is asking him to put down the bottle.  He puts it down, and hard, smashing it on the floor.  Security pushes Nany out of the way and strong-arm Adam.

After commercials Leroy brings home a chick and gets his groove on, meanwhile Adam is getting escorted back to the suite.  He stumbles in like a maniac and closes the door on security.  He starts slamming into things, breaking stuff all over the suite.  Mike interviews that he is uncontrollable, and they try to get some water in him, but instead he walks in on Leroy getting it on.  Soon all the roommates are surrounding him, and he's bumping into walls like crazy.  Nany interviews that she's seen drunk people before, but this is a whole other level of crazy, and I have to agree with her.  I've lived here for 6 years and there has only been 1 other time I've seen anyone as belligerent as Adam is at this very moment.

Nany gets him to lay down, and he asks "Why does Nany have to have a boyfriend?"  She just asks him to stop.

The next morning Leroy says that Adam isn't going to remember a thing, and all the roommates are saying that it was a crazy night that they have to make sure doesn't happen again.  They said he was kicking security guards downstairs, and that he needs to go downstairs and apologize to them.

Adam wakes up and is not apologizing for his actions.  He said "This is Vegas, you think this is the first time they've ever seen this?"  He's confident he won't be held accountable for his actions.  He calls his "girlfriend" and tells her that he got belligerent and that the roommates are made at him.  He maintains his tough guy attitude even when Nany tells him shes disappointed in him.  She wonders what he's capable of.

Back at Rehab, the guys jump into the pool which apparently cold as all get out.  They all go to the cabana and talk about Nany's relationship.  Dustin makes a joke about his boyfriend thing, and Heather loves that he makes her laugh.

They go back to the suite and Dustin and Heather make out in bed.  Heather feels like the attraction is natural and magnetic.  They both are really against a relationship, but obviously it doesn't seem like they are going to stay away from each other long.

Mike and Adam are back to rehashing the night Adam went bananas.  Nany answers the door and some guy is at the door for Adam.  He's the security manager, and wants Adam to go to the security office to talk to the security managers boss, and two people go escort him.  The roommates are worried, and Nany hopes he doesn't get kicked out.

Adam meets in a big meeting room, and basically they read him his rights, and they are totally in the right to do that.  From working in a casino environment, I can tell you right now that if Adam hadn't been on a TV show, he would've been sitting in a cell, and he'd be on Las Vegas Jailhouse and not Real World.  There would've been zero hesitation on securities part to call the police and have him arrested.

Adam apologizes to them, says it won't happen again, and goes back to the suite.  Nany is upset he still doesn't feel the least bit sorry.  "Just act normal."

Nany, Naomi, Mike, and Leroy are discussing 2012 and if they believe in it.  Naomi says that Mike is so smart, and he's going to make her smarter.  Mike tries to explain how we won't be able to harness electricity soon, and the glaze over everyone's eyes is just embarrassing.

Mike and Leroy are talking about Mike's grandma brought him up because both of his parents were locked up when he was 5, and his dad beat him, and he ended up living with a friend for a long time.

Roommates split up in taxis to visit Subway, and the girls talk about Dustin and Heather's non-relationship relationship.  Heather emotes all over her Subway sammie.  She wanted this experience to be all about her, and now she's headed down a path with Dustin.

The boys talk about playing a high stakes game of roulette, putting it on black or red for a 50/50 shot.  Leroy says to Adam "I'll give you $100 to live off of if you lose.  But if you win, you owe me $150."  Sounds like a good deal.  Mike says "This'll be the one time that it lands on green."  Adam: "There's a green?!?!"  Comedy gold.

Leroy and Mike get scared, and the ball rolls and lands on.....RED, Adam's color.  They cash out like champs.  They are lucky they don't take that money out of all the damage to the hotel that Adam's sure to do.

Nany has distanced herself from Adam, he thinks she's mad about Vanity still.  Adam talks her into going to "that sushi place" with him and Mike.  Mike struggles with chopsticks hilariously.  Adam tells Nany he was a loser in high school, and he wasn't good at anything.  He says he puts up a front, and that he's shy, and suddenly I'm flashing back to his "game" last episode.  Adam thinks Nany is going to fall for his bad boy image eventually.

Everyone but Dustin is playing Truth or Dare.  Leroy "truths" Heather into admitting she likes Dustin more than a friend.  Nany "dares" Leroy to kiss Naomi's toes, and suck on them.  Things get silly, Mike loses his pants and is dancing around in his boxers.  The girls three way kiss.  Leroy then dares Heather to make out with Mike.  Mike says he'll buy everyone shots instead of going behind Dustin's back.  Heather says it's a game we're all playing, and goes in for the kill.

They go back to the suite, and Leroy goes and wakes Dustin up, and says "Hey, we were playing truth or dare, and I dared Mike to kiss Heather, you aren't made about that, right?"  Leroy, it was the other way around, and Mike didn't want to do it.  It's all in the details brother!  Dustin gives an indistinguishable look, and they jump cut right to Mike and Dustin playing pool together.  They kinda mind meld Mike explaining how he didn't want to do it, it just happened, just truth or dare blah blah and Dustin looks crestfallen.

Dustin interviews that three people are disrespecting him at the same time.  He tells Nany he feels betrayed, he feels like they were testing him.  He interviews and gets more and more mad as time goes on.  Heather feels like she didn't cheat on him because they weren't really seeing each other.  Dustin just goes a little drama-llama in the confessional about this.  He complains to Leroy, and Mike walks in and says "Look, it was a game.  She doesn't like me, she likes you...just get over it."

To Dustin, this was SO the wrong answer.  Of course, it doesn't help that Mike follows it up with "Get the *bleep* over it."  There's a bit of drama llama over on Mike's side of this too.

Dustin gets up and Mike continues to yell "Get Over It" over and over.  Dustin says he's crossing a line, and if he keeps up this track, it's pretty much going to get ugly.  I didn't think I was going to side with Dustin on this one but....yeah.  Mike is just approaching it all wrong.  They fight, and Heather is in her room saying she doesn't want to hear anymore about this damn kiss.  Mike walks out of the suite, and Dustin interviews that "Never, in the history in Everdom, had anyone disrespected me this way."  AAAAnd suddenly I'm back on Mike's side.

Next Week: Adam just can't stop getting drunk and crazy.  You know where that'll lead ya, right?
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