Monday, March 7, 2011

Holly's World: Wow, Jayde's continuing to be a bitch. Shocker. #HollysWorld

Dave the Delivery man comes up the Planet Ho hallway with a comically long box.  They are bunkbeds for Holly's suite.  She's inviting Claire Sinclair to come stay with her and Laura.  Laura doesn't seem pleased, but when does she?  Laura thinks Clair is weird and talkative.  Just because she knows words, Laura...

Claire is going to Holly's house for the first time, and Holly's manager calls and offers her a club opening, but she passes it onto Angel.

Laura is snarking about Claire to Jayde, saying she's afraid of pickles so she's going to put pickles in her bed, while they work out at Anytime Fitness.  Jayde invites Laura to do a photoshoot with her.

Claire gets shown around Cribs Style, and Holly tells Angel about her new bunny costume gig.  She's super excited, and gets to the shoot, only to find out that Jayde and Laura are also there.  Yeah, this isn't staged at ALL.

Holly and Josh go to meet with some private investigators to find his birth parents.  They are a husband/wife team that seems like they'd be really great friends with Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Angel is slowly losing her mind at the photo shoot as Jayde and Laura talk over her about inane stuff.  Jayde leaves to change, and Angel and Laura get into it about how Jayde's a super-skank.  "It's work" is Laura's ultimate answer to everything.  I bet she tells all her John's that too.

Josh tells PI team some information that he knows about his parents, and they cheer for a hopeful end to his adoptive story.

The shoot begins!  Both Jayde and Angel think they are the center of attention at the shoot, Jayde actually snaps at Angel like she's the actual server.  Jayde brings up that Angel was fired, she tries to keep her cool.  After a comment about how Angel wasn't doing the "bunny dip" correctly, Angel finally lost her shit and threw a drink in Jayde's face.  Sadly, Angel doesn't have great aim, and it sort of ended up just in part of her hair.  Angel stormed off, but not after yelling (awesomely) "Why don't you go back to Canada?"

Angel's makeup artist came to see if she was okay, but she just asked to be left alone, then unzipped and walked out.  She's worried that she's going to give Holly a bad name by acting bad at the photo shoot.  Laura comes and tells Josh, Claire, and Holly what happened.  Josh acts Laura why she didn't stick up for Angel, which leads to a fight, and Laura walks out.

Next Week: Josh gets a big lead in his search, Laura doesn't want to be involved in other people's drama, and Angel gets dropped by her manager over the whole "drink in the face" issue.
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