Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sexual Palate Cleanser

A couple of my friends complain that Vegas it's just too hard to meet people.  I was lucky enough to come to Vegas already married, so I never had to negotiate the dating scene.  But I can see how hard it would be; most single people I've come across want only what is on the outside, and are looking for all the wrong things on the inside.

A friend of mine worked a show last week as a model, and said "If I ever become a model, shoot me."  All the male models he worked with were totally full of themselves, and talked non-stop about how they don't understand how they can't find a "worthy" girl to have a relationship with.

One of my guy friends hasn't been in a relationship in awhile.  In fact, the last relationship...let's just say, left a bad taste in his mouth.  I suggested to him that he needed some sort of sexual palate cleanser, in order to move on to another relationship.  Then I thought, you know, there is eHarmony, Plenty Of Fish, and Match.  Why can't there be a website for people that need something physical in order to move on?  I know they have options for flings on those sites, but they it's like you are in room and everyone knows you are the dirty one, and who wants that?  This way everyone on the site will know that's what you are there for, and everyone gets what they want:  A fresh sexual palate in order to move on. 

Especially in Vegas, I think there is a real market for this.  Think about it; you slept with all the wrong people on vacation.  You have a hangover.  Instead of calling an illegal prostitute, you log on, find someone who needs the same thing, and boom!  Your cleansed and ready to go back to wherever you came from.

Come on, you know the tourists will go for it.
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