Monday, February 21, 2011

Holly's World; Angel is fired! #HollysWorld

They start right out with Holly demanding all the things she needs from Angel, and Angel getting a little flustered with all the things she needs.

Holly meets with Steve, her PR guy, about something she's doing with Runway.

Angel loses her list of things Holly wants, so she wings it all over Las Vegas.  Steve talks to Holly about how scatterbrained Angel is, and how Angel needs to do her own thing, and how Holly should fire Angel. 

Laura and Josh go into the horrible Patty's closet to look for clothes for Laura, and Laura gets a call from Jayde to come and hang out at Koi for drinks and "catch up."  Laura wonders if Holly will mind, but she does love to drink.  Friendship obviously runs deep with her.

Angel tells Holly she sort of forgot almost everything on the list.  That, apparently, puts her over the edge and she fires Angel.  Angel is a little upset, wondering if she wants to move out.  Holly says no, but then runs out.

After the commercial break, Angel is really hurt over the whole "my best friend fired me" thing.  Angel doesn't have anything lined up, and it's a big bomb to drop.  Holly offers to get her headshots and get her on her way.  I'm sure it made her feel a little better, but it still hurts to be fired by your best friend.

Josh goes to his new therapist, and he says his mind keeps churning with thoughts.  He's worried about being fired, he's afraid of "the end" of something.  The therapist thinks he feels like he won't be accepted for who he is.

Angel gets her boobs cold and does some headshots with tons of different outfits.  I'm not sure what she hopes to be going for in Vegas, unless Jubilee has an opening or something.

Jayde waits for Laura to show up, and calls her "the nice one" which shows how much she knows.  She wants to help Laura 'get her edge back' from being boring and hanging out with Holly.

Laura throws Holly under the bus and says she never works out, giving Jayde all the ammo she needs to be even more rude to Holly.  After the break Laura brings up the Josh/Jayde kiss, and Jayde says basically whenever her and Josh get together they make out.  Which is once.

Angel, Claire, Laura and Josh look at the prints Holly has on her iPad of Angel's photoshoot.  Laura brings up Jayde and says she hung out with her that afternoon, and Angel is not okay with it.  Josh sticks up for Jayde, saying she's not that bad, but Holly says she needs to have a talk with Laura about not hanging out with Jayde.

Next Week, Jayde wants Holly shitfaced.  Somehow I don't see that happening!
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