Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holly's World: Jayde's still a bitch #HollysWorld

Well, I have no idea why, but there was a new episode of Holly's World on last night!  Here we got again!

Anytime Fitness gets a shout out this episode as Laura, Angel, and Holly go to work out, even though just last episode Laura was saying that Holly never works out.  They hop on the treadmills and Laura interviews that Holly should be in shape, considering that she shows her goods to an audience nightly, and no one wants to see a fat person.  No one wants to see dumb either sweetie, but your mug is still all over this episode.

They get comical with the workout, Laura trying to push Holly, and Angel telling Holly to take it easy.  Holly regurgitates the whole "my butt has to jiggle or I'm not doing the dance move right" line.  Butts will always giggle, unless you lose like 50 pounds, girl.  But then you'll be dead.

Josh is in studio recording songs for an upcoming album, and interviews inside of the Tao restaurant, which I found strange.  But, I'm glad he's doing a CD and getting himself out there, 'cause he's an awesome singer.

Laura and Angel are tanning in Holly's backyard, Angel is talking about what she's going to do next, and Laura says she should work in an office (which, by the way, is her job just being a bitch on this show or what?  What does she do?), which Angel agrees with.  Laura gets a call from Jayde about a modeling job, and Laura agrees to come.  Angel kinda flips out on her and asks why she's associating with her, and Laura basically blows her off.

Holly comes to visit Josh in the studio, and they talk her into doing background vocals for a track they are working on.  Josh is excited for the album to drop.

Jayde explains to Laura the company that she runs that basically sounds like a site that does both everything and nothing.  Obviously the concept flies right over Laura head, but she says she'll think about it, then snoops around the set for the rest of the day.  She talks to the other girls who also have no idea what they are there for.  Laura thinks that everyone is jealous of Jayde because she's hot, but is also quick to add that she's not as hot as herself.

Holly goes to UFC headquarters to talk with Dana White about designing some workout clothes because she wants something she likes to work out in.  Because apparently that's what's stopping her from working out is clothes.

Back at Jayde's shady photo shoot, she asks Laura what it's like to live with Holly, and she says she doesn't see her much because she "goes to bed really early."  Now, I'm not sure if Laura is lying on purpose, but Holly has late shows a majority of the week, so she really doesn't go to bed early.  It's impossible.  Jayde wants to take Holly out and get her rip-roaring drunk.  Laura likes Jayde because she is starting trouble, which is what Laura loves.

Buca di Beppo is the next name dropper location where Sophia (A peepshow cast member) and the usual suspects meet for dinner.  Laura tells them what she observed, and Holly says she better be careful around Jayde, and Laura again blows her off.

Everyone goes with Josh to the studio, sans Laura, to celebrate Josh's EP.  They start without Laura, but then Laura walks in...with Jayde in tow.  Again I have to say, Laura; worst friend ever.  Angel was furious and wanted to walk out, but it was Josh's day, so she stayed.  Laura thinks Angel is being the bigger bitch, which she is at this specific moment, but the long run is the point.  Jayde insults Holly's singing, then she and Laura leave to "go to hell in a hand basket."  If only.

As soon as they leave (after only one song?) Josh says "Who invited her?" Holly asks if Josh invited her, to which he says absolutely not.  They are all on edge about it.

Next week: Jayde finally gets what she deserves; a drink thrown in her face. Also Josh wants to find his birth parents, and Angel gets a photoshoot...with Jayde and Laura.
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