Thursday, February 24, 2011

@MikeRossMTV Michael Ross Press Day Interview

"I've decided while I'm here, I'm going by the rule of 'yes'" is my favorite quote of the first episode, spoken by Mike.  He's from College Park, MD, where his checkered past seems to not even remotely affect how his personality is.

His bio reads "At first glance, he may seem like a typical small-town guy, however, Mike's background is anything but typical."

You can say that again.  Michael Ross greets everyone with a winning smile and a seeming heart of gold. If I hadn't read his bio, I would guess he grew up in Iowa, corn-fed and without a care in the world.  His spirit just seems so light and positive, and he couldn't stop talking about how Leroy could do anything he put his mind to.  Of course it's not often we do interviews with our friends, but he just shined when he was talking about Leroy.  He's the kind of friend you wish you had like 5 of so you'd always feel good about yourself.

His parents were heavily involved in drugs, and he was mostly raised by his grandmother after some terrible events.  He has 7 half-siblings and put himself through college at the U of Maryland where he was a dual major.  For all that, he seems really positive and and all-around awesome guy to hang around.  Let's see if this Real World season corrupts a little bit.
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