Wednesday, February 16, 2011

@NaomiMTV Press Day Interview

Naomi pulls you into her whirlwind as soon as you meet her.  She's a big personality that you either accept or run away from.  She's loud and opinionated, but at the same time she's real and honest, so you can't even hold it against her.  Photographs don't really do her enough justice I feel, she is really pretty.  She's got the kind of hair she can literally do anything with and it looks fabulous.  Her body might be super tiny (she's my height, around 5'3") but it looks fantastic.  She says "on blast" a lot, and for some reason it made me laugh, because I've just never really heard anyone say "out in the open" quite like that.

She's almost that girl that all the shy girl's wish they could be.  In that way I think I sort of understand the great friendship that blossomed with Nany, they compliment each other very nicely.  The first episode doesn't really showcase Naomi the way that she is, so I'm hoping she gets more screentime as the season goes on.

"We got so used to the cameras, by the 3rd or 4th day we barely noticed them.  They were also really good at keeping their distance"

"Overall we all really love each other, but a lot of stuff went down.  One week we'd think it couldn't get any worse, then the next week would blow us out of the water."

She says all the different backgrounds made for the most interesting time.  There was a rule in the house that they always be open and honest with each other, and that made it so that they are all still friends now.

She's a tiny little firecracker, and I can't wait to see what she gets into this season.
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