Tuesday, February 15, 2011

@NanyMTV Press Day Interview (re-post for updated twitter name)

As I said before, the interviews were done in pairs, and it was so hard to parse Naomi from Nany because, in reviewing my tape, we basically all just talked over each other the whole time.  Such is the case with girls sometimes, and I don't think it was the kind of talking over that was disrespectful, but just because we were all able to keep up with each other, so we went with it.

Nany is from Jamestown, NY where she went to community college and basically has never lived with anyone but her parents, so living with roommates was new to her.  She's just as attractive in person as she is in pictures and on the show, but something the TV doesn't show (as of the first episode anyway) is how sweet she actually is.  I want to call it a naive, but that's not the right word.  She seems the type of girl that everyone would want for a friend, and would want to protect.

In the first episode we learn she has left a boyfriend behind for the experience, but they are still together when the season starts.  However, we see her kissing both Heather and Adam in the trailer, so I'm thinking the relationship might be pretty much over by now.

She says she loved being in Vegas, and missed it in-between the end of the season and press day (about two weeks)  "Every last one of us has something we brought to the table this season" She says.

"At the end the day you are so nervous, I don't know if I want to do this, what about people back home?  But you know what?  If I have to say something that might hurt someone in the end, but it has to be said, it has to be said.  That's what I'm going through in the end, and it's the truth."

Knowing from the trailer that she kisses Adam, I almost feel like I should be going back in time and protecting her.  Not to say anything bad towards Adam, he's his own brand, but Nany has that quality about her where you just want to be her friend and protect her from any potential bad that might happen to her. 

Naomi and Nany have plans to move back to Vegas sometime this or next year, and they seem like awesome enough people I hope they look me up when they make it back here.
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