Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holly's World: Claire's Debut!

Right out of the gate Holly is calling Hef to apologize for the bad press that happened after she gave interviews that sounded less than enthusiastic about his impending nuptials.  After making it sound like this was the big deal this week, they certainly got it over with very fast.

Angel is glad they got things out in the open, and they laugh it off and then mess with little Roman's head by asking him to identify various identical blondes.

Josh is off to the therapist...s.  3 different ones to decide which one is right for him.  Psych #1 gets the backstory, and says that anxiety is normal, and he's not crazy.  Then says she watches Russell Simons and he needs to take time out to meditate.  Josh likes her, and she does seem to have some "spunk," maybe too much for Josh.

Claire Sinclair (sorry, misspelled her name previously!) is doing the Crazy Horse Show at MGM.  Angel says the lead in Crazy Horse usually doesn't do much, and she seemed nervous but okay.  Holly wanted to give her pointers to make her better.

Psych #2 wants to go way back to Josh's adoption, and he brings up he wants to know where he's come from.  Josh likes his method and he's "intrigued."

Holly gives Claire Sinclair some pointers, telling her to treat the couch like a boy.  Then she drops the bomb that Hef and Crystal will be there tomorrow at her debut.

Side Note: commercial for OK! Mag says that Kendra is knocked up?  I had no idea, Congrats!  It's hard to do that when you are having a long distance relationship!

Psych #3 Josh is hoping is the best, because he didn't connect with the first 2.  She asks if he was always anxious.  He's 27, so she blames a quarter-life crisis. She seems someone he connected with, and she does seem nice.  She has a sign on her door that says "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?"  It's a great question!  If I get any crazier, I'll have to use her!

Holly meets Hef at the airport to catch up.  Crystal is there, and it gets awkward really fast.  Holly does a nervous laugh and they edit through a very long awkward silence.  They have a small talk with Mary, Hef's adorable assistant, then decide to meet up at the show.

There is a lot of press for Crazy Horse, more than I'm sure the opening of the show did.  Claire is dating one of Hef's sons, and he is pretty adorable.  Claire mentions that if she and Hef's son got married, and she had gotten married to Hef, that would've made Holly her step-mom.  She didn't hesitate to add that it would've been awesome, she would've loved having her as a step-mom.  I know it was supposed to be a cute remark, but that nails the old and the single home for poor Holly, it had to hurt quite a bit.

Crazy Horse starts, with a full house, and Claire seems a lot better with an audience, and Holly agrees with me.  I really need to see this show at some point.  Angel interviews that she loves being on stage, and watching Claire reminded her of that.  After the show Josh and Holly had to book it "across the street" as Holly says, because their show is about to start.

The night after Claire went to see Peepshow and had a "Crazy Horse Secret" that she doesn't share with Josh and Holly; something about how Crazy Horse girls where something they wear makes them all "look like they have the same vagina" Creepy.

Next week; Angel can't focus, Josh keeps making out with Jade, and more!
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