Friday, February 11, 2011

@RoyLee25 Leroy Garrett Press Day Interview

I asked the cast who wanted to be next in my interview, and got this back from Leroy;

And indeed, it's Leroy's World.  Everyone says that Real World is about hooking up and enjoying the time you have, and Leroy seems to have a degree in it.  The first episode shows how his job was a garbage man!  I can't imagine what a crazy job that would be.

On the day of the interview, he seemed very quiet and reserved though.  I think the questions he'd been asked during the course of Press day had been sort of bringing him down.  I think because he there was a silence order on the season, everyone was asking about where he's come from, and where he's going after this, and he's not quite sure.  He mentioned being older than anyone in the cast (25), and I think I sensed a bit of a quarter-life crisis.  I remember 25 being a really hard age, and sometimes I still feel like I'm not sure where my life is going.  25 seemed to be the age where I remember having the crashing realization that I wasn't a kid anymore, and should be "acting" a certain way.  Vegas didn't help, with it's raging parties and 22 year olds that haven't a care in the world surrounding me.

Michael was quick to come to Leroy's defense, saying that he can do anything he sets his mind to.  Their friendship seemed to come from a solid place, and I'll get into a little more into that in Micheal's interview. 

I really hope he "finds his bliss," even if that ends up being club openings here in Vegas.  Out of everyone I hope he can parlay this experience into something fun and profitable for him.

At the very least, you know he got some major tail while he was here. ;-)

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