Friday, January 28, 2011

Twitter Fight!

I really never thought I would like Twitter.  I started my first twitter account as a way to try and tell short stories.  I tended to be pretty long-winded, and thought this would help me out.  I really fell in love with the format, and now my stories are so short I don't even tell them anymore, I really just read and respond to everyone else's tweets.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and tweeting, but nothing has happened worth tweeting about.

But recently in the Vegas Twittersphere, a controversy has bubbled up.  This article explains it better than I ever could, mostly because I am one of the people who followed these guys, found them not particularly useful, and un-followed days later.

I've been replied to by one of them, and it was so random that I was almost positive that the account was a bot.  Basically I'd been over at the Cosmo to buy $5 art at one of their Art-o-Mat machines, only to find them out of order.  I tweeted to Cosmo that I was sad they were broken, and then was @replied to by one of the "Twitter Twin Twerps" as they are being referred to, with a short video showing the machines.  You can imagine my confusion; why show me a video of the machine standing there, when obviously I had stood in front of that machine minutes ago.  I thanked them and said "That's great, I was actually wanting to use the machine though."

I had seen the other one at a tweetup, but we never officially shook hands and met.  My impression was he looked almost pained to be there, and talked to almost no one, although he sat with our group.  If I hadn't been a couple of sheets to the wind I would've tried to engage him, but I had other people that were willing to talk without string-pulling.

I had heard from a fellow twitter person that they were hated amongst most Vegas twitter people because they used their mass amounts of followers to get free things.  I'm sure this alone steamed people, but they went too far recently but almost demanding free things from casinos.

Now, if you read the other article, you pretty much know all that's gone on.  It's written beautifully, I'm not going to re-hash it, but I am going to state my opinion on the matter.

How are these guys different from the suck-up at the office who gets away with everything?  We've all known people like this, and I agree they are nothing to admire.  What I can't understand though, is why everyone seems to care so much about bringing them down.  If the mighty do fall, what does that do for us as a community?  What will get better?  These are serious questions I am asking, I'm not trying to be an ass about it.  Is the feeling that they are getting away with all this just jealousy?  It's been proven that most of their followers are most likely bots, or no one who pays attention.  The only people who should be furious and rebelling should be the casinos that are wasting comps on these guys.

I think the casinos need to see them for what they are and stop inviting them everywhere.  But that's just my jealousy talking.
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