Monday, January 31, 2011

Holly's World: Hef is What?!?!?!

So, last time we ended on the news that Hef was engaged.  This episode she meets with her gang and discusses the issue, and she feels like she needs to go to LA.

Ted, Josh's manager calls to tell him he booked him a couple of nights of some Disney thing, but then sorta drops the bomb that he thinks he needs therapy.  Mostly because last time he was in New York he sort of had a panic attack.  All I'm saying is, I'm glad I don't have a manager. Yikes.

Holly goes and talks to Kendra.  Kendra lays everything we are all thinking is on the line.  Holly should be crushed, because she wanted to marry him.  Kendra says "Why do you think he's marrying her?" aaaaand cut to Holly cruising up to the Mansion.

Holly does a voice over that when things weren't really headed in the marriage department with Hef, she decided to leave, but now she's wondering about what would've happened if she had stayed.

Holly chats up Mary, Hef's personal assistant, and she reveals that Crystal is the only one in the house.  Mary says it's kinda nice not dealing with the drama, but it was hard when Holly left the Mansion.  Mary also says that Crystal is really low key and good for Hef, and Hef is happy.

Holly bails to check out the Zoo, and we are back in Vegas with Angel and Josh.  Angel tells Josh that therapy isn't just for crazy people, and that she went after she and the baby daddy split up.  Angel encourages Josh to go see someone.

How do you pick the right therapist by the way?  Yelp?

Holly's visiting at the zoo, playing with the monkeys and the birds.  Hef shows up and it's awkward silence for a little bit, strained conversation a little longer...maybe it's just the editing, but it takes her forever to finally congratulate him on his engagement.  Holly looks like she's going to cry, and my heart really goes out to her.  You can feel her want to say "So, what was wrong with me?  Why didn't you want to marry me?"  And why would you marry an infant Hef?

Holly, 2 years ago, ordered a model of the house he grew up in, and it had just arrived.  Hef loved it.  He used to draw comic books as a kid, and she got him a mini comic book to go with the house.  It's the type of gift that obviously really meaningful, and was a sweet moment up until Baby Crystal joined the conversation.  Holly insists it wasn't awkward, and Hef and Crystal ride up the stairs and into the sunset.  I think she might have needed that kind of closure to let go of Hef. It was a whole lot of buildup to a whole lot of nothing.  Sorta like the entire line up at "E!"

Holly comes back to Vegas and rehashes everything, gives the "I was too young to settle down then" line.  But, I believe her, she seems okay.

Next Time: That whole Claire St. Claire friend debut, and it's a Twitter catfight with Crystal and Holly calls Hef to apologize.  It looks like Claire is doing something at Crazy Horse at MGM, but we shall see!
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